How to actually recharge during the weekend and be ready for Monday

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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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A recipe for the ultimate weekend rejuvenation that will leave you fresh as teh new week rolls around

Most of us long for weekends, but then they go by so quickly, and the next thing you know it’s Monday but you haven’t gotten enough rest. If this sounds like you, try applying these tips to make every day of count and leave you refreshed and energized.

1. Create next week’s to-do list on Friday

Before letting loose on Friday night out, or finally making it to your beloved bed (we don’t judge either way), do something your future self will thank you for.

It’s very easy to get in your thought on Sunday about all the tasks awaiting you at work and dread the coming work week. A 2021 LinkedIn survey found that 66% of working professionals struggle with so-called “Sunday scaries” – the anxiety of facing another work week.

To combat the stress related to being overwhelmed on Monday mornings, list your tasks on Friday night to prepare yourself for what you’ll need to tackle. This will also help clear your headspace and allow you to let go of thinking about work throughout the weekend.

2. Make weekend plans ahead of time

When you get to Friday, chances are, you’d be feeling toasted, and thinking about ways to spend your weekend would be the last thing you want.

To avoid the feeling of having wasted another weekend doing nothing, consider planning your days. Nothing’s worse than hitting up a friend you’d love to hang out with, only to find out they already have plans.

Coming up with weekend activities midweek will also get you excited and help you get through the week, no matter how much work you may have.

3. Let go of a “schedule” during weekends

Although making fun weekend plans is great, sometimes you’ll just want to snuggle up in bed – which is completely fine.

To help your brain differentiate between work days and days off, avoid setting yourself a strict schedule during the weekend. Don’t rush out first thing on Saturday morning to run errands, and don’t feel the urge to check the news before breakfast. Making little tweaks like taking slower mornings, cooking up your favorite breakfast, and spending a bit more time in bed after waking up will help your brain register that this day you’re spending time off work. It will put you in a better mood, and almost create a vacation-like mindset for the weekend.

4. Go screen-free

If you’re up for some Netflix n’ chill – you do you! Watching a great movie or your favorite TV show is an amazing way to relax after a busy week.

However, try to stay off your laptop as much as you can. During your free time, avoid checking the news, monitoring emails, or professional messengers – shut down completely and enjoy your time off. And don’t spend too much time on social media either, try to be present, focus on real-life surroundings, see some friends, and get outside. You’ll be spending the whole week glued to a screen, so why not ditch it?

5. Set a timeframe for chores and errands

The weekend is finally here, but bummer – the chores accumulated over the past five days are looming over. Most of us dread doing laundry or cleaning up our space and tend to put it off for as long as we can. Sadly, this doesn’t help the situation. Conversely, you’re more likely to get anxious about the errands you need to complete if you keep postponing tackling them.

To make sure you don’t spend your weekend with that laundry pile, or that sad empty fridge begging you to get groceries in the back of your mind, schedule chunks of time you’re willing to dedicate to those errands. Smash out everything in a few hours to get it over and done with!

And while you’re at it – listen to your favorite music to set the vibes high, pop on an interesting podcast, or call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. This will make the time pass by quicker and you might even enjoy it!

6. Find inspiration in the little things

You know how when you go on vacation everything around just seems so exciting? Traveling to a different place and experiencing something new leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. So why not replicate this effect during your usual weekends?

Seek new experiences to keep your spirits high. Check out an art exhibition, visit a museum you haven’t been to before, or explore a natural park closest to you. It can be as simple as going for a walk in a different neighborhood or trying out an activity unusual for you.

If you’re not much of an adventurist, try to find inspiration in the little things surrounding you. Appreciate your space, the beautiful building down the street, and people watching or reading a book in your favorite café.

7. Spend quality time with your loved ones (or yourself)

One of the best ways to unwind and detach yourself from the chaos of work is simply getting lost in contact with your favorite humans. Spend time with your family and friends, people who make you laugh and cheer you up.

Note that at times, spending quality time with yourself can be just as valuable. With so much pressure at work and in the world around us, we tend to lose touch with ourselves, our true emotions, and our desires. Utilize the weekends to check in with yourself, reflect on how you’re feeling, and what you’re lacking, and then try to replenish the resources needed to carry on.

Take yourself on a date, treat yourself to a cookie, or whatever it is that you like. Have a self-care day with a bubble bath, or go to a boxing class to relieve stress, if that’s what feels right.

Bonus Tip: Plan something enjoyable throughout the week

Recharging your batteries during the weekend is essential for your physical and mental well-being, and it will simply make you more efficient when the work week rolls around. Taking a rest and enjoying your off-time will also definitely help you manage the stress associated with work better.

That being said, if you still dread work every day and only do things that you “must”, you’ll end up feeling depleted long before the Friday. Instead of living your life solely on weekends, consider implementing little bits of enjoyment throughout the whole week.

Plan something to look forward to after work, like going on a walk, attending a dance class, or having dinner with someone. Say your hobbies are drawing or playing a musical instrument – set aside half an hour in the evening to practice what you love. And if you have a longer lunch break, invite a friend to grab a bite and catch up in between work!

Remember, the more pleasant things you allow yourself during the week, the less draining the days will feel, and you won’t feel like you need double the weekend to get rejuvenated.