Create tasks as reminders for specific CRM records. Manage your tasks (edit, complete, and delete) without going back to the CRM.

Trusted by top sales teams around the world

Manage CRM-related tasks on the fly, straight from LInkedIn


Add CRM-related tasks and set reminders

Easily create new tasks associated with a CRM contact from the side panel. No need to switch back to the CRM.


Easier time management and more free evenings

Surfe lets you create to-do’s as you browse LinkedIn, recording everything in the CRM.


Check up on upcoming tasks first thing in the morning to conquer the day

Start your day by view your to-do’s from the side panel. Focus on the pressing ones and tick them off the list!


Struggling with deadlines?

Surfe pushes burning tasks to the top of the list, color coding them to reflect urgency. Stay on top of to-do’s and execute on time.