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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Say Hello to Lighthouse by Surfe.

Surfe, the Paris-based sales productivity solution known for connecting your CRM with LinkedIn, has today expanded beyond LinkedIn and beyond its famous Chrome extension.

Lighthouse symbolizes a bold step towards a bold product vision:

“We want to handle the entire prospecting flow. Everything from identifying your ICP, understanding customer intent, sourcing prospects, and building lists. All of it. Totally take care of it so that salespeople don’t need to give it a second thought. Then, they can truly focus on the selling.” – Maged Talaat, Head of Product @ Surfe.

It’s about time somebody told the truth.

The role of BDR, by nature, is highly repetitive.

It doesn’t need to be.

Tasks like identifying ideal customer profiles (ICP), building prospect lists, sourcing contact information, updating the CRM, and analyzing buyer intent to craft targeted messages are all essential but monotonous – we believe that all of this can be automated and improved through analytics, AI, and with a tool stack that is truly synchronized.

We see a world where BDRs, instead of spending their day on these highly repeatable tasks, are spending their time speaking to customers, building relationships and qualifying deals.

After all, that’s the reason they’re in this role and where they can have the most impact.

A proven track record

We’ve earned a strong reputation in contact data enrichment (and in case you were wondering, we’re just getting started).

While we’ve consistently led the way with our smart waterfall cascade, our competitors have struggled to keep up. Instead of catching up, they’ve been treading water.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the salesperson’s message landing in the right inbox at the right time.

BDRs should be able to go to their CRM or outreach tool and find the email addresses already there. No thought required.

And to enable this mission, Surfe faced two challenges:

  1. Tackle contact enrichment at scale: we needed to build a tool that was capable of enriching thousands of leads in one search.
  2. Evolve beyond a Chrome extension: we want to handle prospecting from start to finish, everywhere it happens, not just on LinkedIn.

Introducing Lighthouse

Sales professionals often spend countless hours manually searching for contact information, time that could be spent on selling and building relationships.

Lighthouse leverages advanced algorithms and multiple databases to automate and scale the enrichment of vast amounts of sales lead data.

You give Lighthouse a list of contacts – just their name and company name – and it will give you back:

  • The contact’s verified, professional email address
  • Their mobile phone number
  • Their company office phone number
  • The contact’s current job title
  • Their LinkedIn URL
  • Their company website URL

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

With Lighthouse, you can find the contact information of up to 15,000 contacts in one search. Simply upload your .csv containing the contacts first name, last name, and company name, and Lighthouse will do the rest!

How Lighthouse works

Choosing the right enrichment provider for your geography and industry can be complex. Surfe’s intelligent algorithm leverages top global enrichment tools, powered by data from millions of previous searches.

Lighthouse intuitively knows which databases to scan first for the highest chance of success and maximum efficiency. Your Lighthouse credits grant you access to Apollo, RocketReach, Hunter, People Data Labs, and more—all in one place.

Emails are validated through ZeroBounce before being added to your list. Only valid data enriches your list, and credits are used only when a valid email is found. You pay for the result, not the search.

But Lighthouse is here to give you the full picture. As well as contact information, we’ll also enrich your list with the information you will need to personalize your outreach campaigns.

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Why you can’t do without it

On average, sales representatives spend around 36% of their time selling. The rest is spent on slow and painful admin tasks.

You can’t afford to spend another second searching for the lead’s email address or phone number. When your contact lists are in the hundreds or thousands, this equals dozens of hours every month spent looking for contact information.

With Lighthouse, you upload your lead list, and the time-consuming part is done for you.

Of course, growing beyond our Chrome extension and facilitating contact enrichment at scale were the two steps we spoke about earlier, but they’re not the last. And what comes next for Lighthouse is where things start to get interesting.

In fact, we’re confident you’ll never prospect in the same way ever again once you try Surfe.

And there’s even more to be excited about – Lighthouse is evolving rapidly and will soon include:

  • ICP finder – we’ll identify the leads you should target based on your ICP and similar deals that you previously closed.
  • Seamless CRM integration – another repeatable task will be taken care of by Lighthouse – leads come into Lighthouse and enriched data comes out, without you having to lift a finger.
  • And much more, but that’s secret for now 🤫

As Lighthouse stands today, it needs pointing in the right direction. You give Lighthouse the least of leads you want to enrich. In later versions, Lighthouse will do this for you. No more Sales Navigator exports, no more searching for prospects that match your ICP. When Lighthouse knows what your ICP looks like, it will build lead lists for you, enrich their data, and sync it all with the CRM.

Those dozens of hours we said you wasted each month on painful prospecting tasks? They can now be spent selling.

Your prospecting workflow? We’ll handle it.

If you want to support Surfe in our mission to handle your prospecting workflow, please consider upvoting us on Product Hunt. It will help us gather more feedback to make the best tool possible.

How to get started

Getting started with Lighthouse is simple. Simply create an account (you can use your email, CRM account, or Surfe account), upload your first lead list, and click Enrich.

We’re giving 100 free credits to the first Lighthouse users, so be quick.

Surfe is trusted

The only enrichment solution you’ll ever need.

Lighthouse is free to get started. Get connected, upload your first lead list, and see it work its magic.


How do credits for Lighthouse work?

You can purchase credits for Lighthouse directly from the Lighthouse Homepage or after you upload a CSV file. Look for the “Buy Credits” button and follow the instructions to buy the amount you need. This purchase is a one-time purchase.

Is Lighthouse safe to use?

Surfe is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant as both a data processor and handler. Our business depends on the safe and trusted handling of your data, so you can trust that we take every precaution necessary to ensure the highest standards of security. Lighthouse is a standalone platform that is separate from our Chrome extension for LinkedIn.

Can my Lighthouse credits expire?

Lighthouse credits do not expire; they remain valid until used. Credits are deducted only if we find valid contact details.

Can I purchase credits for my team or transfer credits to my colleagues?

Currently, you can’t purchase credits for your team or send credits to other team members. This feature is not available in the current version, but will be included in the near future.