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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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New sales professionals often face a steep learning curve – you’re new to the business and you’ve been tasked with working on prospect’s that you’ve never spoken to before. If you have no prior relationship with a prospect, you’re going to want to ensure you’re reaching out through the correct channel. These challenges are particularly acute in the first months of being a sales rep, when you’re not just navigating the complexities of your new role but also grappling with the tools and techniques needed to excel in them. One significant hurdle is gathering accurate contact details of potential leads and clients, a process that is vital for building a robust sales pipeline.


Traditionally, this process involves a tedious and time-consuming search across various platforms, LinkedIn email finders, and databases to find reliable contact information. New salespeople find themselves spending a significant portion of their valuable time just trying to locate email addresses and phone numbers, often toggling between multiple tabs, tools and services. In fact, Salesforce’s State of Sales report found that sales reps are spending over 25% of their working week on admin tasks and researching prospects. Of course, even once they’ve found the correct contact information of a prospect there’s the hurdle of adding this manually to the CRM. this is time that could be spent selling and it not only hampers efficiency but also leads to frustration and a fragmented approach to client engagement.


Enter Surfe, a game-changing solution designed to streamline this process. Surfe is the bridge between LinkedIn and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With their email finder sitting natively on LinkedIn, it offers a totally new approach to managing contact data. It has changed the process from long and painful to as smooth as one-click. From being a long-winded myriad of searches across several tools followed by manual data entry to the CRM into the click of a button. This seamless integration ensures that details like deals, messages, contact and company data, tasks, notes, and more are effortlessly synchronized between LinkedIn and the CRM.


Surfe is challenging the traditional methods of searching for contact information with their LinkedIn Email Finder feature. Previously, you had two choices. The first was to just rely on using one tool with the same database over and over again and sacrificing the accuracy rate of the emails found. The second is to change tools (or use multiple) in an endless game of cat-and-mouse, trying to find the tool with the most accurate results. But why use the same tool over and over again if it hasn’t been performing? Why should you waste time trying out different tools in an endless search for the best one. Well the answer is that now you don’t need to. Surfe conducts one search across several top LinkedIn email finder tools globally, all with a single click.


This not only eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions to different email finding services but also significantly cuts down the time spent in searching for contact details. They centralize the top LinkedIn email finder tools globally, allowing you to search them all in one-click, without leaving LinkedIn. By centralizing this function, Surfe empowers new salespeople to focus more on what they do best – selling, not searching.

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All of your tools in one

Connect to Surfe for free to use all of your LinkedIn email finder tools in one click, in one place: LinkedIn

Juggling multiple LinkedIn email finder tools


The inefficiency of using multiple tools


Time is a currency that cannot be wasted. However, salespeople often find themselves inadvertently wasting time by using multiple LinkedIn email finder tools. This practice is not just cumbersome but highly inefficient. With each tool offering different features and interfaces, sales professionals spend an excessive amount of time navigating through them, trying to locate the most up-to-date and accurate contact information. This multitool approach leads to a significant decrease in productivity.

Firstly, there’s the training required to learn each tool individually. Then there’s tracking different login credentials, keeping tabs of remaining credits, and renewing plans.

Using all these different tools doesn’t equal better results. It just means that instead of spending time selling, salespeople are bogged down by switching between various tools instead of just using one streamlined LinkedIn email finder. This not only slows down their workflow but also creates a barrier to achieving a streamlined and effective sales process, which is crucial for those in the early stages of their sales career.


The cost of multiple subscriptions

Using all of these tools isn’t free. The cost of subscribing to multiple LinkedIn email finder tools cannot be overlooked. Each tool comes with its own subscription cost, and when aggregated, these expenses can be substantial, especially for new salespeople and small sales teams operating on limited budgets. This multiplicity of subscriptions often leads to redundant spending, as there is a significant overlap in the functionalities offered by different tools.


Moreover, the decision to invest in numerous tools is often driven by the fear of missing out on potentially valuable contact information, rather than a calculated return on investment. This approach not only strains financial resources but also adds to the complexity of expense tracking and management. In a domain where budget efficiency is key, the ability to reduce unnecessary expenses is vital, making the case for a unified tool that consolidates these functionalities into a single, cost-effective solution.


Data fragmentation issues


Data fragmentation is another significant issue that arises from using multiple LinkedIn email finder tools. When contact information is scattered across different platforms, it leads to a disjointed and incomplete view of potential leads and clients. This fragmentation hinders the ability to effectively track and manage client interactions and history.


Sales professionals end up with partial or outdated information, leading to missed opportunities and ineffective communication strategies. When accurate and comprehensive data is crucial for success, the drawbacks of data fragmentation cannot be ignored. It underscores the need for a unified platform that consolidates all essential data in one place.

Email finder on LinkedIn

Surfe’s One-Click Solution


Access to all of your LinkedIn email finder tools in one-click


Surfe introduces a revolutionary approach to the traditional, time-consuming process of email finding with its LinkedIn Email Finder. The Chrome extension has been specifically developed to create the best possible bridge between LinkedIn and your CRM. With Surfe, the user experience is dramatically simplified. Salespeople can effortlessly extract and transfer contact and company information directly from LinkedIn profiles to their CRM databases in just one click.


The integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms or manually input data, ensuring that all valuable LinkedIn insights are directly and instantly available within the CRM. By harmonizing these two crucial sales platforms, Surfe ensures that sales professionals have all their essential data interconnected and easily accessible, streamlining the process of lead generation and contact management in an unprecedented way.


The benefits of single-click data transfer


What sales person enjoys tirelessly copying data back and forth into their CRM? It’s not why they got into sales and it’s not how they want to spend their week. Frankly, managers don’t want to be paying sales reps to copy and paste data either.


The single-click data transfer feature of Surfe is a game-changer for sales efficiency and productivity. This capability significantly reduces the time and effort required to populate CRMs with new contacts and leads. Instead of manually entering data, sales professionals can now update their CRM with complete and reliable contact details without leaving LinkedIn. That level of efficiency is invaluable, especially for salespeople who can now dedicate more time to developing relationships and closing deals rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.


Enhanced data accuracy and reliability


Data accuracy and reliability are paramount in sales, where decisions are often made based on the information at hand. Surfe addresses this by ensuring that the data transferred from LinkedIn to CRM systems is not only swift but also highly accurate and reliable. By automating the data transfer process, Surfe eliminates common errors associated with manual data entry, such as typos or outdated information. In essence, this accuracy ensures that sales teams have access to the most current and comprehensive contact details, enhancing their ability to engage effectively with prospects and clients. In practice, it means your emails are being sent to verified professional emails every time and can lead to a significant reduction of your bounce rate. Surfe becomes a foundation of reliable data, essential for successful sales strategies.

How it works

We partner with over 15 LinkedIn email finder tools including Apollo, RocketReach, Dropcontact, Hunter. Then we use them in a regional-based cascade to ensure you have the best chance of finding the email address you’re looking for on LinkedIn.

You only have one button to click and it sits natively on your LinkedIn contact’s profile. From there, we do the rest of the work. Our tool uses a cascade system, checking each tool one by one. You have AI models which have been fine tuned over millions of iterations that intelligently select the best database provider to check based on how likely the database is to return accurate results for your selection, taking into account things like company segment, region, persona, and more. If the first tool in the cadence doesn’t find an email address, we’ll move to the next. If that one’s unsuccessful, we’ll move on to the next one and so forth until we have found you the verified, professional email address you’re looking for.

You don’t need accounts with all of these tools. When you sign up for Surfe, you automatically have access to Apollo, RocketReach, Dropcontact, and Hunter. If you’re using a different email enrichment tool, you can add it to the sequence. Connect your API to Surfe, and add that to the list. You can even change the order in which we search so that your favorite tools are used first.

Surfe’s LinkedIn email finder works with the following tools:


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Use all of these LinkedIn email finder tools in one

No more tab switching. No more hunting for the most accurate tool. There’s no need to hunt when you’re using them all at the same time.

Surfe streamlines the whole sales process, not just finding emails


Easy integration with your existing CRM

Surfe is compatible with the leading CRM platforms – HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Copper – and can even now be used without a CRM thanks to a new Google Sheets integration for LinkedIn.


Real-time data access on LinkedIn


Real-time data access on LinkedIn, provided by Surfe, significantly accelerates the sales process. With this feature, sales professionals can instantly view and capture up-to-date information from LinkedIn profiles directly into their CRM. This is crucial when having the latest information at your fingertips can make the difference in closing a deal. Real-time contact updates mean that any changes in a prospect’s profile – such as a new job position, company, or contact information – are immediately available. This enables sales teams to react promptly to changes, tailor their approach, and maintain relevance in their communications with potential clients.

Surfe gives you a list of your LinkedIn contacts that have changed role or company and allows you to update your CRM accordingly in CRM. No more awkward conversations when you get a contact’s position wrong and no more bounced emails because they’ve changed companies.


Personalized messaging and task management

Surfe goes beyond data integration by offering personalized messaging and efficient task management features. The personalized Message Templates for LinkedIn tool allows sales professionals to send tailored messages to their LinkedIn contacts, using variables to customize each message, thus increasing engagement and response rates. This tool streamlines the process of reaching out to multiple contacts with messages that feel personal and relevant.


Additionally, Surfe’s task management feature helps organize and prioritize sales activities. Salespeople can track their tasks and follow-ups directly within the extension, ensuring they stay on top of their sales pipeline and never miss an opportunity to engage with a prospect.

Empowering new sales professionals


Quick adaptation for new salespeople


Surfe is remarkably user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for sales newcomers. Its intuitive interface requires minimal training, allowing new sales professionals to quickly adapt and integrate it into their daily routines. The simplicity of the one-click functionality means that even those who are not tech-savvy can efficiently use Surfe to extract valuable data from LinkedIn and update their CRM. This ease of use helps new salespeople to focus more on developing their sales skills and understanding their market, rather than struggling with complex software. With Surfe, the transition into a sales role becomes smoother and less daunting.


Becoming a team champion with Surfe


For new sales professionals, advocating for Surfe within their teams can be a significant step towards becoming a valued team member. By demonstrating how Surfe streamlines the sales process and enhances productivity, they can position themselves as proactive and innovative contributors. Adopting Surfe across the team can lead to better coordination, improved data accuracy, and a more unified approach to sales strategies.

Surfe is incredibly useful for individual salespeople: true. But it’s even more powerful when your data accuracy is compounded. When the whole team is on Surfe, you’ll be able to easily see which LinkedIn contacts your colleagues have already added to the CRM. You’ll be able to see at a glance what stage of the pipeline a contact is in and who your colleagues have been negotiating with.

When you’re using Surfe’s Message Templates tool, you’ll be able to see which of your highest response rate. Maybe you notice that one particular intro message is getting a substantially higher response rate than the rest. With Surfe, you can share this template with your colleagues so that you become a team champion and increase the response rate of your whole team’s LinkedIn messages and InMail. Your team will like that.


The long-term benefits of using Surfe


Using Surfe offers long-term professional advantages for new sales professionals. By enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the sales process, Surfe helps in building a strong foundation for a successful sales career. It allows salespeople to manage their time better, focus on building relationships with clients, and develop effective sales strategies. As they progress in their careers, the skills and habits developed through using a streamlined tool like Surfe will continue to benefit them, enabling them to handle larger accounts and more complex sales scenarios with ease. The familiarity with advanced sales tools like Surfe positions them favorably for future career advancements.

Export LinkedIn Contacts to Copper

How it worked for Silicon Foundry

Silicon Foundry is a consultancy firm specializing in innovation and corporate venture advisory. They’ve been using Surfe with Copper to streamline their contact management, enabling the team to effortlessly add and access contact information directly from LinkedIn.

The Silicon Foundry team has used Surfe’s LinkedIn email finder tool over 2,400 times. Without Surfe, finding accurate email addresses usually takes around 8 minutes per email. So for Silicon Foundry, this has meant they have saved over 320 hours. That’s almost 10 working weeks of time saved. This integration proved to be a major time-saver and became integral to their business development efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of an integration between LinkedIn and their CRM in enhancing sales processes and team coordination.

Here’s what CEO and Managing Partner, Neal Hansch, has to say about Surfe:

“The Surfe integration with LinkedIn is a massive time-saver for us. Not even having to leave the LinkedIn environment to view the Copper data is icing on the cake.”


Let’s wrap it up

Surfe emerges as a revolutionary tool, transforming the way new sales professionals approach LinkedIn data integration and management. Its one-click solution, seamless CRM integration, and real-time data access streamline the sales process, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Personalized messaging and task management features further empower salespeople, making Surfe an indispensable tool in their arsenal. The long-term benefits and ease of use make it particularly appealing for those new to the field. We encourage sales professionals, especially those early in their careers, to adopt Surfe as their go-to LinkedIn email finder, unlocking new levels of productivity and success in their roles.

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