5 tips on boosting B2B sales via LinkedIn social selling

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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Stand out from competitors and boost your B2B sales on LinkedIn by integrating social selling into your strategy.

There’s more to LinkedIn than building professional connections online – it’s also one of the most effective platforms for social selling.

As more salespeople take advantage of social selling, you would need a stellar LinkedIn sales strategy in place to stand out from your competitors and boost your B2B sales in the process.

Using LinkedIn has several benefits. It allows you to scout for prospects, engage with them directly, and guide them to make purchases towards the end. This is why 70% of sales professionals spend more time in LinkedIn than other major social media sites available.

Here are some tips on how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn and boost sales in the process.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about your brand. Thus, you must make sure it is presentable, professional, and attractive to your prospects. Doing so can transform your simple profile into a lead generation page for your business and increase sales on LinkedIn.

First and foremost, you should display the best photo of yourself or the logo of your brand. You must also create a clear and compelling pitch in your description. Leaving clickable sections in your page where prospects are directed to your blogs, websites, and lead-generating content is a great way to boost traffic.

Having a strong brand in your LinkedIn profile will make your company look reliable and trustworthy. This can encourage prospects to listen to what you have to say and invest in your products and services.

2. Post relevant content

Your page is more than just your profile picture and description boxes. Your prospects can also see the content you share and post on LinkedIn. Hence, you must be mindful of what you publish on your page.

Post relevant content promptly. It can increase customer engagement while also strengthening your LinkedIn B2B marketing in the process. Furthermore, this also builds rapport between you and your prospects.

Use it as an opportunity to turn your strategy from outbound marketing into inbound, where you attract interested users with what you can offer. You can create original content created by you or your company or share insights from thought leaders in your industry. Just keep in mind that your content must align with your goals.

3. Join the right groups

With so many salespeople sprawling the platform, you can’t afford to just sit around and wait for prospects to stumble upon your profile. You must make an effort to reach out to your target audience and introduce your brand.

Joining and engaging with LinkedIn groups is a great way to meet new prospects. It expands your potential reach compared to searching for them individually. This also makes networking easier and faster since it makes your profile accessible and viewable to those outside your LinkedIn connections.

Keep in mind the demographics of your target audience when joining or creating groups on LinkedIn. This way, you avoid wasting time and effort on dead ends and uninterested prospects.

4. Make engagement meaningful

It can be off-putting when salespeople jump straight into a generic sales pitch right after connecting on LinkedIn. It can lessen your brand’s impact and affect your relationship with your prospects. Not to mention, you would fail to leave a lasting impression on them in the long run.

To make good sales, you must keep engagements with your prospects meaningful and personalized. Doing so could help you build better and lasting relationships with them in the process. In turn, they will be more likely to buy your products or services.

Build rapport before you dive right into your sales pitch. Start by creating personalized connection requests to stand out in your target audience’s inboxes. It could even result in more accepted requests instead of being ignored by your prospects.

5. Maintain relationships even when offline

When you feel like your prospect is ready for a more serious sales conversation, consider taking your conversations outside LinkedIn. You can start offering video or phone calls and face to face meetings. This allows for more comprehensive presentations of your sales pitch so that your prospects can learn more about your brand and your products/services.

Using automation tools can also help maintain relationships with your prospects beyond LinkedIn. It can guide them throughout the sales funnel without much interference from you. This makes it one of the benefits of a sales automation software to consider if you plan to move your interactions to the next stage.

Bottom line

Nowadays, almost all businesses owners and brands have their own social media profiles and pages across major channels. So, take advantage of the market that can be found in these platforms through social selling.

One of the best channels to meet new prospects is LinkedIn. It lets you connect directly to brands, companies, and business owners and engage with them online. With the right LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies, you can build solid business networks within the platform and drive your B2B sales up in the process.