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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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How to prospect in sales? Learn how Surfe can double the size of your prospect list, in half the time.

Time is something we all wish we had more of — especially those in the sales sector.

According to a study by Time Management Sales noted in Business Wire, salespeople spend just 37% of their time actually selling. That means 63% of the time, salespeople are doing things other than selling. From tasks like manual data entry to lengthy meetings, sales reps often find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of mindless tasks instead of closing sales deals.

Essentially, if salespeople aren’t selling, your business isn’t earning. In order to increase your bottom line, salespeople need to focus more on selling. After all, time is money, and we all want to end up with a higher ROI when all is said and done.

But tasks like manual data entry are important to ensure all the information is available in the CRM, and that no contacts, leads, or prospects get lost in the shuffle. Managers need this data to make predictions, and salespeople need this data to be able to contact prospects to turn them into clients, as well as follow up with current clients.

But something has to change if salespeople are to sell more, and in turn, earn more revenue. Busy salespeople and managers need to be able to save time in their days by making data entry and CRM integration easier and faster, freeing up their time to actually close deals. Plus, manual data entry is risky. There’s a lot of room for error, and possibilities of corruption and overwriting are rife.

What if there was a simple tool to speed this process up? We found some options out there for lead management, but nothing seemed to be able to fix these issues in a simple, concise way.

So we made our own tool: Surfe, your answer to less manual data entry and more free time to actually sell.

How Surfe works (and how it can increase your revenue)

Surfe is a browser extension that helps salespeople work faster and more efficiently by automatically adding LinkedIn prospects in a single click to the CRM software without having to take the time to enter the data manually.

Feel free to sign up for Surfe and get your first 14 days free or book a demo to see how it works.

Without any annoying additional interface or pop ups (it’s just a simple browser extension), Surfe quickly adds information like a prospect’s name, company, job title, email, phone number, and more from LinkedIn directly into your CRM.

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Keep wondering about how to prospect in sales? With 72% of salespeople spending over 60 minutes per day on data entry, this tool can ensure that this one hour each day (effectively, seven hours a week, 28 hours a month and 260 hours a year) can be spent on actually selling, or completing other important tasks that increase the bottom line.

And managers, you’ll see happier, more productive employees that are less stressed and more focused. When your employees don’t have to worry about data entry errors and copying and pasting contact info for prospects, they can actually focus on prospecting, selling, and closing deals, all things which lead to earning more money for them — and for your business.

We created Surfe with YOU in mind

We know that working in sales means long hours and busy days. We wanted to make the life easier for all the people wondering how to prospect in sales, and that’s how Surfe came about.

Sourcing prospects and leads is one of the most important jobs salespeople have. Without prospects, there are no possible sales. It’s also a source of frustration and anxiety for many salespeople. In fact, in a survey by Mojo Media Labs, 38% of salespeople said that this was the most difficult part of their job. They also said that over the past few years, it’s become more and more complicated as email and social media interactions are preferred over the once-popular cold call.

These days, a phone call is not preferred in many cases — and can seem almost intrusive in a world of digital communication such as email and text. But getting all this contact information into your CRM can take a long time, noting down client’s names, companies, verified contact email addresses, and personal info in order to reach them digitally.

Surfe ensures that sourcing prospects on LinkedIn only takes about half the time. The extension allows you to double your efficiency when you don’t have to manually enter your prospective lead’s information into the CRM. Instead, it just automatically inputs the information there.

That extra time can be spent curating non-generic contact messages, working on your marketing skills, closing sales deals, and digging into new and innovative ways of prospecting and generating leads.

And Surfe doesn’t stop there. You can easily check if your prospective contact/company is already in your CRM from their LinkedIn profile, making it easy to avoid double-adding a contact in. There’s a two-way sync of LinkedIn contact info, status, conversations, tasks, notes, activity, and ownership of the lead, ensuring nothing gets lost along the way. And even better, every team member of your organization can clearly see or edit the info, including managers.

You won’t have to manually dig through post-it notes or use digital enrichment tools to figure out where you are with a prospect or client. Instead, all the information you need is in one easy place. In fact, it’s in two easy places, your CRM, as well as directly on your prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

More specifically, you can view status, ownership, contact details, and main history of the lead directly on their LinkedIn profile. A new section is embedded below their profile summary, making it easy for you to view the information not just in your CRM but also on LinkedIn.

We all know that jobs and companies are constantly evolving, and this can have a real effect on your prospect data. In fact, a third of your CRM data goes stale every year as companies merge and people switch jobs. It’s virtually impossible for salespeople to keep up, especially if they need to be entering these data changes into the CRM manually.

But with Surfe, this problem disappears. You’ll never need to worry about your prospect data being out of date in your CRM. If a prospect changes their job, company, email address or any other detail, Surfe notes this change in real time and automatically updates your CRM with the new information.

Using Surfe, your prospect details will stay up-to-date and accurate, and you won’t have to do any additional work to keep it that way. New changes are displayed in your dashboard to keep track of everything and provide you with actionable insights for timely outreach. Simply put, Surfe just makes things easier.

What managers are saying about Surfe

We’ve already explained how Surfe can save salespeople time and energy by automating a process that previously needed to be done manually, increasing productivity and making managers happy.

But our customers are saying it too.

Luis Flores, Senior Sales Development Manager at Movitext Telecommunications, was particularly impressed at the massive productivity increase his salespeople saw once they incorporated Surfe into their systems, saying, “Our productivity dramatically increased once our salespeople started using Surfe. They save 60 minutes per day by automating lead capturing and data entry. With automatic CRM updates, we no longer have to worry about contact information or emails ever being out of date.”

Added productivity is a product of extra time, and Raphaëlle Moustial, COO of Robin was thrilled with the extra time her sales reps had once they started using Surfe. Our sales reps gain 30% more time per day using Surfe. It displays the main contact info directly on the profile and syncs automatically with our CRM. Our reps can track status, ownership, and history of the lead without ever leaving LinkedIn. No more copy and paste or switching between platforms,” she explained.

Eric Didier, COO of was particularly impressed with the way Surfe eliminated some of the more tedious manual tasks his sales team faced. When wondering how to prospect in sales? He also explained that the innovative browser extension was a money saver, telling us Surfe is, “An excellent tool that definitely makes your sales team get rid of all cumbersome and inefficient copy-and-paste tasks. Feeding HubSpot while prospecting on LinkedIn is now an easy task. No more back and forth! Additionally, knowing which team member contacted which LinkedIn contact in the past, with all conversation details in HubSpot, is just magic! We save at least 5x more than the tool monthly cost.”

Surfe is dedicated to making your life easier

Surfe is more than just a browser extension. We’re a team of tech gurus, business professionals, managers, CEOs, former salespeople and beyond who want to see you and your business succeed. More time, less unnecessary work, and increased revenue is something all business professionals want, and we’re dedicated to making sure that happens for you and your brand.

Our blog hub, which we’ll be updating often, will be a useful resource for business professionals to find information on all sorts of relevant industry info. We’ll be offering product updates, highlighting customer stories, comparing software, and providing a learning hub to share everything from step-by-step guides to quick tips and how-to’s.

Surfe is a community, and we’d love for you to be part of it. Our browser extension works with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, plus email enrichment tools such as Dropcontact, Hunter, Skrapp, and Kendo. Go to our press page if you want to know more about us.