Top 5 Intent Data Providers in 2024

Top 5 intent data providers
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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Intent data providers are increasingly vital in B2B sales, serving as a critical asset for companies seeking to optimize their marketing efforts and sales engagements. By analyzing user behavior and intent signals, businesses can identify potential buyers earlier in the buying process, tailor their outreach, and improve conversion rates. 

Data services were ranked by salespeople as the 3rd most popular tool in the sales arsenal, ahead of email, and even the phone, so it’s clear that data has significant power to bring in new leads, increase conversions, and help salespeople hit their KPIs. 

But how can you leverage data in your sales strategy? To get started, you’ll need a third party data provider.

In 2024, the top providers of such data include Bombora, 6sense, LinkedIn, G2, and Demandbase. Each of these companies offers unique tools and insights to help organizations strategically harness the power of intent data to drive sales and improve marketing efficiency, and can also keep your data safe.

Top 5 Intent Data Providers:



Bombora specializes in intent data solutions with its flagship service, Company Surge. This service tracks which businesses are researching specific topics and gauges the intensity of this interest.

By scoring these intent signals, Bombora enables sales and marketing teams to prioritize target accounts more effectively, helping them tailor conversations and optimize their sales efforts according to real-time data on potential customer interests.

How they rank

User satisfaction rating: 4.4/5 on G2.Bombora has a strong user satisfaction rate, reflecting its reliability and effectiveness in providing valuable intent data.

Market reach: It is predominantly utilized by mid-market companies, comprising 59% of its user base, followed by 22% in the small-business segment. This distribution highlights its appeal and suitability across different business sizes, especially in the computer software and IT services industries.

Strengths: Bombora’s approach allows companies to engage with prospects at a more opportune time, enhancing the chances of converting interest into actual sales.



6sense Revenue AI for Sales provides business development managers with fast access to buying intent intelligence. The platform is optimized for exploring the “Dark Funnel,” which analyzes B2B engagements that traditional methods do not detect, offering a comprehensive overview that helps in targeting potential customers more effectively.

How they rank

User satisfaction: 6sense has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, indicating strong user approval.

Market reach: Predominantly used by mid-market companies (57%) and small businesses (34%), showing significant penetration in these segments.

Strengths: Users value 6sense for its accuracy, ease of use, and the depth of insights provided, which are crucial for enhancing lead generation and improving roles in business development. Its overall effectiveness in business development is well-regarded.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed specifically for sales professionals, enhancing their ability to connect with potential clients, build networks, and stay informed about market developments. This tool simplifies the process of establishing and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers, leveraging the extensive LinkedIn network.

How they rank

User satisfaction: Rated 4.3 out of 5, indicating high approval among users.

Market reach: It is popular within mid-market (50%) and small-business (32%) segments.

Strengths: Users appreciate its ease of use, advanced search filters, and the capability to send messages to non-connections, which allow easy networking and client engagement. Some reviews highlight challenges relating to functional limitations like export difficulties and integrating with other tools.

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G2 Marketing Solutions

G2 Marketing Solutions leverages its position as the world’s largest software marketplace to offer comprehensive intent data services. It provides businesses with tools to build brand presence, engage with in-market buyers, and drive revenue. 

G2’s platform is centered around user-generated content, enabling companies to understand market needs through real user reviews and feedback.

How they rank

User satisfaction: G2 scores a high rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Market reach: Widely used by mid-market (45%) and small-business (33%) segments.

Strengths: G2 is recognized for its quick response capabilities and integration with many technical platforms, enhancing its usability across different marketing and sales technologies.

Demandbase one


Demandbase offers a comprehensive platform that integrates various forms of account intelligence. This platform is designed to help sales and marketing teams efficiently hit their revenue targets by providing insights at every stage of the B2B buying journey. It allows users to create targeted audiences, leverage B2B advertising platforms, and personalize website interactions to better engage potential customers.

How they rank

User satisfaction: Rated 4.3 out of 5, indicating strong user approval.

Market reach: Primarily used by mid-market companies (53%), but also with enterprise-level businesses (31%).

Strengths: Demandbase is valued for its robust support, ease of use, and precise identification of website visitors. Despite some challenges with setup and navigation, its comprehensive capabilities are highly regarded for enhancing sales intelligence and marketing efforts.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Depending on your business, using these intent data providers could massively inform how you approach sales, helping you make the right pitch, to the right person, at exactly the right time.

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FAQ About Intent Data Providers:

What is a data provider?

A data provider is a business or platform that can provide third party data, which can be used to augment and inform your sales efforts. 

What is the difference between first party data and third party data?

First party data is data captured directly on your website, like a customer’s name, address, email and transaction history. 

Third-party data gives additional insights such as interests, intent, employment and lifestyle. 

How does GDPR impact third party data?

All data gathering, storage, and use is governed by GDPR in Europe, and similar data protection laws around the world. If you partner with a third party data platform, you must ensure to abide by any data protection laws.

How do you monitor third party data risk?

Effective risk monitoring of third parties involves conducting due diligence, establishing clear contracts, setting up ongoing monitoring processes, implementing controls, communicating with the third party, and using risk assessment tools.