How Connecting Pipedrive to LinkedIn Can Boost Sales

Pipedrive to LinkedIn
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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What’s the use of data if it’s old, wrong, or otherwise not relevant? Connecting Pipedrive’s CRM to LinkedIn impacts sales by keeping your CRM data up-to-date and accurate. 

This article explores the benefits of the Pipedrive-to-LinkedIn integration, focusing on how it can positively influence sales.

Key Pipedrive to LinkedIn Highlights:

The Importance of Quality Data in Sales

In the dynamic world of sales, accurate and up-to-date data is critical for success. Imagine using a GPS that’s mapped to the wrong address — not only won’t you reach your desired destination, but you can end up in the entirely opposite direction. In business, data works like the address in your GPS — it guides you to your desired destination, which is sales.

According to research from Validity, data decay is an ongoing issue that can ruin your CRM data, hurt your processes, and negatively impact your bottom line.

What’s data decay? It’s the gradual loss of information quality over time. In the context of business and customer relationship management, data decay is inaccurate and irrelevant customer data due to changes like contact information, preferences, and purchasing behavior.

Inaccurate data leads to multiple challenges that impact operations and finances, including:

  • Loss of revenue and productivity over time.
  • Lower conversion rates since you may target the wrong customers or people no longer interested in your products or services.
  • Inaccurate decision-making based on outdated information.

Surfe offers a solution. By connecting Pipedrive to LinkedIn, sales professionals can be sure customer profiles are always current and relevant.

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Where Social Selling Becomes Data-Backed Insights

With social selling, the practice of using social media platforms like LinkedIn to engage with prospects, you can leverage data and gain valuable insight into customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. When integrated with a CRM system, social selling is more trackable and insightful.

Find more tips to help you channel the power of social selling from Darren McKee, VP of Sales at Skye.

Connecting Pipedrive to LinkedIn lets sales teams monitor different KPIs and metrics, including messaging activity, offering valuable data-backed insights for informed decision-making. You’ll track the relevance and effectiveness of content, as well as have more opportunities to see the results of personalized messaging strategies.


Outreach Only Works When You Can Rely on Your CRM Data

Syncing data from LinkedIn to Pipedrive empowers sales teams to easily build and use personalized outreach campaigns. There are a few ways this works: 

  • Centralized Contact Management:
    • By integrating LinkedIn with Pipedrive, sales teams can consolidate all their contacts into a single, centralized location within Pipedrive. 
  • Streamline Lead Qualification:
    • Automatically transferring LinkedIn information and lead data into Pipedrive facilitates efficient lead capturing and eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of mistakes.
  • Real-Time Interaction and Notifications:
    • Synchronizing LinkedIn with Pipedrive ensures that sales teams can engage with leads in real time and receive immediate notifications, meaning you can follow up quickly and easily personalize each interaction. 
  • Personalized Customer Engagement:
    • Personalized and targeted communication builds stronger relationships and increases customer satisfaction
  • Efficient Sales Processes:
    • We’re way past the time for waving goodbye to manual data entry and spreadsheets. Sales teams save time and effort by using tools that automate data maintenance.

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Boosting Sales Efficiency with Seamless Integration

Everyone says to work smarter, not always harder. Connecting Pipedrive to LinkedIn is one way to work smarter. It not only saves time but also enhances team collaboration and efficiency. 

Incorporating integrations into your CRM is among Surfe’s top sales efficiency secrets. See how much more streamlined you can be by maintaining Pipedrive using LinkedIn. Moreover, as an entire team utilizes the integrated system, it ensures transparency and visibility into colleagues’ activities and deal stages, resulting in cleaner processes and improved team dynamics.

When your team uses Surfe, you have the benefit of seeing all the logged activity of your colleagues on LinkedIn, including if they already contacted prospects, and you’ll never have to go digging for information.

Practical Tips for Maximizing the Integration

To maximize the benefits of the Pipedrive and LinkedIn integration, consider the following practical tips:

  • Optimize Field Mapping: Make sure the right info goes to the right place. Double-check that the data from LinkedIn goes to the correct sections in the CRM. This is important for reaching out to leads and personalizing your messages. Arguably the most important is having your contact’s LinkedIn URL mapped correctly in the CRM.
  • Utilize Enriched Customer Profiles: Leverage the insights from LinkedIn in Pipedrive to customize how you reach out to leads. Knowing more about them helps you tailor each approach.
  • Implement Training and Best Practices: Train and guide your sales team on how to effectively use the integrated system for lead capture, qualification, and personalized engagement.
  • Regularly Update and Sync Data: Keep your data fresh and synced by setting up a routine to keep Pipedrive info up to date. 
  • Monitor and Analyze Performance: Keep an eye on how your outreach is performing, how many leads are turning into customers, and how customers are engaging — then tweak your strategies as needed.

By implementing these practical tips, businesses can fully leverage the Pipedrive and LinkedIn integration, streamline operations, enhance personalized outreach, and ultimately sell better.

Measuring the Impact on Sales Performance

Tracking and measuring the impact on sales is essential. Using the data analytics within Pipedrive can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the integrated system. 

Lead engagement, conversion rates, and customer interactions are a few KPIs that sales teams can use to gauge the impact of the Pipedrive integration on their overall sales performance. To recap, consider the following three points:

  • Conversion Rate Analysis: Utilize Pipedrive’s reporting and analytics to track changes in conversions before and after the integration. This provides insights into whether the integration has improved lead conversion and sales.
  • Lead Engagement Metrics: Compare lead engagement metrics, like response rates, to outreach campaigns and general interactions to see the impact of the integrated system on lead engagement and responsiveness.
  • Customer Relationships: Use data from Pipedrive to gain insights into customer interactions, like the frequency and quality of communication, to understand how the integration has influenced customer relationships and the overall sales process.

By leveraging these measurement strategies, sales teams can effectively assess the impact of the integration on their sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their outreach campaigns and customer engagement strategies.


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Let’s wrap it up!

Connecting Pipedrive to LinkedIn offers a powerful opportunity to elevate sales performance through improved data quality, enhanced social selling capabilities, and streamlined workflows. By embracing this integration and maximizing its potential, sales professionals can sell more efficiently. 

Use Surfe to connect Pipedrive and LinkedIn. The all-in-one system will help you easily maintain data that can provide deeper insights into strategies and empower sales teams to make informed decisions.