Product updates: Auto-Sync, Cascading, Export as Lead

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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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🆕 Display dynamic Email cascading 

We now display in real time which email finder tool is being queried to find the contact’s information, straight in the Surfe

embedded section.

Product update

🆕 Support more Email & Phone finder tools 

We added support for two more enrichment tools: Lusha and VoilaNorbert.

More will be coming soon! Reach out if you want to submit yours.

Export SalesNav list as Leads

We enhanced our List Export feature to give you the possibility to export the prospects as Leads instead of Contacts.

Product update

Setup Default CRM fields

Some Contact / Org / Deal fields may always be the same when you add them from LinkedIn through Surfe (such as “Source” or “Status”).

We made it possible to set default initial values for CRM fields from the Surfe Dashboard.

Product update

Bug fixes

  • List Export is more stable

We solved several bugs causing the List Export to malfunction.

  • Contact matching is continuously improving

We used the latest Search API version of the CRMs and now

attempt to match by LinkedIn URL first.

  • Surfe’s onboarding experience is less intrusive

We revamped our in-product tutorial into a short step by step guide.