Product updates: Edit embedded fields for Companies, Deals, Contacts

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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Edit embedded fields for Companies, Deals and Contacts directly from LinkedIn 🆕

We extended our support for embedded fields (the extra fields displayed at the bottom of the embedded Surfe profile section).

You don’t need to switch back to your CRM to edit your CRM records anymore!

Edit embedded fields’ layout directly from LinkedIn 🆕

Customize which of your CRM fields to embed in the Surfe section, right from LinkedIn.

Deals support in SalesNavigator 🆕

Deals have been around for some time in the LinkedIn regular interface. They are now available in SalesNavigator too! Add Deals, update them and change their stage from LinkedIn in two clicks.

Improve Enrichment precision

Company domain is now also used in the enrichment query.

Personal Emails are ignored by default

Personal emails found on LinkedIn will not be sent to the CRM (this behavior can be changed in the dashboard).

Improve matching for HubSpot Companies

Surfe now uses Hubspot’s latest API version, improving the company matching process.

Bug fixes

  • Surfe adapts to new LinkedIn layouts dynamically

Our response time to LinkedIn’s changes is now reduced.

  • Surfe’s experience on SalesNav is more stable

We corrected the button and template display.

  • Templates in full-screen conversations are back

We fixed how our elements are displayed in conversations.