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Cristina Valenciano
by Cristina Valenciano

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In January, we are introducing the new and improved CRM connection flow; you can now connect, reconnect, and switch your CRM easier than ever!

We have also some more flow and design changes that aim to improve and enhance the way you interact with Surfe, and our favorite new change: A new notch!

And FINALLY, it’s here: Message Analytics!

And for our 🇫🇷 French users, we have a surprise for you!

PS: We are also cooking something new and exciting, keep posted, we will announce it very soon!

🆕 Introducing: Message Analytics! 

Message Analytics

This feature has been long requested, and it’s finally here!

You can now see in your dashboard:

  • Which messaging templates performed the best, with details like:
    • Number of times it’s used
    • Calculated reply rate across your whole team, so you can identify which templates work better and enhance your team’s performance!
  • Now you can pin-point the top performers in your team, how many conversations they initiated, and how quickly do they respond to potential leads so they don’t turn cold, with calculated contact reply rates too!
  • Also, this feature is supported on our google sheets integration, yippee! ✉️ 

Managing your team’s productivity and improving your response rate has never been easier!

Improved CRM connection flow 🏄🏼‍♀️

Introducing our new and improved CRM connection flow to make connecting to your CRM smoother and simpler. With this new update, you can now:

Product update example
  • Effortlessly switch between CRM accounts or connect to a new one with a single click.
  • Keep track of all your account details, including connected CRM and integrated tools, all in one place.
  • Quickly log back in with your last connected CRM account, just like riding a familiar wave.

Bienvenue Surfe! 🇫🇷

Product update example french

We are proud to announce that Surfe now has a full translation into French! 

If your LinkedIn is set up in French, your Surfe will be in French too.

Note: German and Spanish translation is coming soon too, so don’t be jealous amigos/freunde 🇩🇪🇪🇸

New, Re-imagined Notch

Product update example

We strive to offer a flowy experience. We believe that the side notch can do more than what it previously offered, so we redesigned the notch to offer more functionality and easier access.

New Design and Flow Improvements 🥸

  • To improve your experience, deals are now displayed in a more organized way. Deals related to your contact will be listed first, followed by other deals related to that company. Neat, right?
Product update example

Long text can be annoying and unappealing, so we fixed that! Now, long text will be partially displayed, and you will have a Show more/ Show less toggle to display the full text when desired. It’s just like Facebook!

Product update example
    • When using the Edit Match feature, you no longer need to write the name of the contact yourself! Now it will be automatically written down, and you can adjust it if you like.
Product update example
    • New design for notifications!👇🏼
Product update example
    • This one is for the Salesforce folks, now when you are adding a lead, you can choose the record type! just like you do with contact types. We extended the same logic to the lead addition as per your request. You’re welcome! 📈
Product update example
  • Tasks are now displayed in pages instead of never-ending scrolls. ↔️

Start Surfing today 🏄🏻‍♂️

Today’s release represents another step toward our mission to bring peace of mind to every member of revenue teams, through a simple, flowy, and cross-channel experience, overlaying browsers, and every website you visit.

We look forward to learning how you and your team utilize our recent enhancements.