Surfe vs Enrow: Which is best for finding B2B emails?

Surfe vs Enrow
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Finding the right b2b email is crucial for successful sales strategies. Without accurate contact information, your outreach efforts can easily go to waste. But finding valid B2B email addresses can take hours, which you’ve probably learned the hard way. That’s why having a reliable email finder is essential.

In this article, we’re comparing Surfe and Enrow, two prominent tools in the email finding arena. While both excel at sourcing accurate email addresses, Surfe offers a suite of additional features that set it apart. This comparison will dive into the specific functionalities, performance, integration capabilities, and pricing of both tools to help you decide which one aligns best with your business needs.

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What is Surfe?

Surfe is designed to connect LinkedIn with your CRM seamlessly, enhancing your sales process. At its core, Surfe is a Chrome extension that integrates LinkedIn and your CRM, making it effortless to add LinkedIn contacts to your CRM with a single click. This integration ensures your sales information is centralized and up-to-date without manual entry. But the next step, once you’ve identified leads and have them in your CRM, is to find their contact details.

Surfe is building a name for itself thanks to its email finder, which is intelligently powered by a waterfall enrichment cascade. The cascade searches through multiple databases sequentially to find and verify email addresses, ensuring high accuracy and reducing bounce rates. So rather than just using one email finder tool, Surfe gives you access to the best databases, all natively inside LinkedIn. We’ll talk more about this later.

Beyond email finding, Surfe allows you to export lead lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly into your CRM, saving time and effort, but also ensuring your CRM data is 100% accurate. Because CRM accuracy is a big problem! How many times have you checked a CRM contact only to see their details aren’t up to date or contact details are missing? In fact, according to HubSpot, 22.5% of CRM data decays every year.

So Surfe keeps your CRM data fresh and accurately. It automatically updates contact details when changes occur, such as job moves or new positions. Surfe also has a bunch of other tools like message templates, adding notes and reminders to deals inside LinkedIn, and more – but this article is focusing on email finding.

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What is Enrow?

Enrow focuses on email finding and verification, helping you build reliable contact lists. It leverages advanced algorithms to search for and verify email addresses, avoiding third-party databases to ensure the data you receive is accurate and current. Enrow’s main strength lies in its precision and efficiency, making it a valuable tool for sales teams who prioritize data accuracy.

With Enrow, you only pay for email addresses that are found. A lot of email finder tools charge 1 credit per search, whereas Enrow charges 1 credit per email found, meaning you’re only paying for positive results.

They also offer location specific searches to increase the chance of finding accurate emails and to avoid confusion when 2 companies in different locations share the same name. This can be extremely useful when searching for contacts at small businesses or if your business model is geo-specific.

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Comparing Surfe and Enrow

Email Finding and Verification

To compare Surfe and Enrow, we put both tools to the test by searching for the same 100 email addresses. The contacts included a mix of SMBs, startups, and large corporations, primarily from Europe and North America. Only validated emails were counted as successful finds, and any catchall addresses were excluded.

Surfe: In our study, Surfe achieved a 95% find rate – the highest find rate of all the tools we tested. Since it not only finds the email addresses but then migrates them automatically to your CRM, its an all-encompassing solution for email enrichment and CRM management.

Enrow: Enrow’s email finding tool also performs well, achieving a 74% find rate in our study. While this is lower than Surfe, Enrow’s emphasis on accurate and verified data makes it a strong contender. Enrow’s process ensures that the emails you receive are valid and active, reducing bounce rates and improving deliverability.

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Integration with LinkedIn and your CRM

Surfe: Surfe is simply King here. They have years of experience in the space and were initially built to do precisely this – connect LinkedIn with your CRM. That means it allows you to add LinkedIn contacts to your CRM with one click, export Sales Navigator lists directly into your CRM, and automatically update CRM data when contact information changes. Surfe’s integration capabilities streamline your workflow and keep your data current.

Enrow: Enrow doesn’t offer any native CRM integration, which can be a deal-breaker for some users. It means you’ll either need to manually upload the email addresses you find with Enrow or deploy another tool to do it for you, such as Zapier.

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Cost and Pricing

Surfe: Surfe offers three pricing plans, ranging from free to €79 per month. The free plan provides basic features, while the higher-tier plans offer more comprehensive capabilities, including advanced email finding and CRM integration features. The number of credits you can use for searches also varies between plans, making it flexible depending on your business strategy and needs.

Enrow: Enrow has a free plan too, and goes up to $43/mo on their pay-as-you-go plan. The $43/mo plan includes 2,000 found emails, which may be limiting for companies looking for larger searches. You can add more credits at an extra cost, but it starts to get expensive. For 20,000 emails, it’s $239. Compared to Surfe Pro plan, which offers unlimited email searches and only costs $79, it’s a hard sell.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Choosing between Surfe and Enrow depends on your specific needs. Surfe stands out with its high email find rate, seamless CRM integration, and a suite of additional features that streamline your sales process. It’s ideal for teams looking to keep their CRM data accurate and updated effortlessly.

Enrow came in with a lower find rate and does not integrate with your CRM or have other features, so it’s difficult to sell over Surfe. Its location specific searches could make it appropriate for smaller businesses, but it would be an expensive tool for companies making larger searches.

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