The top 5 Copper integration tools you absolutely need today

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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Discover the top 5 Copper integrations that teams should implement to make their sales activities more productive and efficient.

Digital CRM systems have made the world of sales much easier to manage. Gone are the days of tracking prospects, client interactions invoicing and more in paper notebooks.

Today’s internet-based CRM software allows sales teams to see all the pertinent information they need about a given prospect, client or company right on their computer screen in a matter of seconds.

Prospect marketing is no easy task, even with today’s modern and powerful software platforms. Teams must be diligent and persistent in sales prospecting and lead generation to increase the chances of attracting new business.

And in order for sales teams to be successful, each and every person needs to be aware of how to leverage their CRM software to the fullest in order to generate the most sales — and in turn, revenue — as possible for a given company.

While there are many amazing CRM platforms out there today, Copper is one of our favorites. It’s especially well-suited for teams who use Google Workspace apps. Copper integrates right into your Gmail inbox and you can perform CRM tasks right from the inbox, without ever leaving.

Copper’s main assets are its simplicity and its focus on automation, but even with all of its powerful features, Copper can be made even more powerful and effective with a number of external application plugins and integrations that allow Copper users to unleash the full power of the platform and allow teams to perform their client prospecting tasks more effectively.

With so many tools available today to enable your CRM to work more efficiently, we wanted to highlight 5 of the best tools to make Copper much more powerful for your team.

5 Copper browser integrations/plugins

1. Surfe

Surfe‘s new integration for Copper has proved itself to be very powerful, providing complete LinkedIn CRM integration for Copper users. It allows any member of the sales team to pull data from LinkedIn in just 1 click, giving the salesperson all the information they need on a prospect or client almost instantly.

This powerful LinkedIn CRM tool allows salespeople and managers to be more productive because you don’t need to switch back to Copper to manually input information on a given prospect or client thanks to its complete LinkedIn integration.

This Copper-LinkedIn integration allows users to completely sync all interactions with a prospect in one place and in one click, cutting down significantly on the time it takes a salesperson to collect and record information. In fact, this LinkedIn Chrome extension – brought to market thanks to Surfe – can save an average of 4 hours per week per sales representative, accelerate prospecting by a factor of 4 and guarantees zero errors in data capture and entry.

Copper is already strong on its own, but when combined with the power of Surfe, the platform becomes even more powerful and empowers sales teams to get back to the work of building and maintaining relationships with prospects and clients, and, of course, making sales.

Sign up for your free, 14-day trial or book a demo to connect Surfe with Copper.


Vogsy is a system that automates a number of sales-critical tasks like quote and budget creation, margin calculation, timesheets, invoices and more.

When integrated with Copper’s Chrome extension, Copper users can sync data including opportunities, organizations and contacts between the two platforms. Additionally, users who have the integration installed can view opportunities, create projects and generate quotes directly from Copper.

Once the extension is installed in Copper, sales reps can view VOGSY opportunities, create quotes and more right from the “Opportunities” page within Copper, saving valuable time that would otherwise need to be spent on tedious tasks that also come with risk of human error.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a service that allows teams to manage email marketing lists, send campaigns, track their performance and more. It has turned out to be a vital tool for sales and marketing teams across the world.

Its integration for Copper allows reps to have access to their email lists directly within Copper. They can make changes and manage their lists from within the CRM. Reps can export prospects or clients from their Copper account directly into specific Mailchimp campaigns and audiences.

4. Docusign

Copper’s integration with DocuSign allows sales teams to get deals done faster, thanks to the ability to track documents, get signatures and then store relevant documents within Copper so they’re easy to reference when needed.

The plugin allows Copper users to send DocuSign envelopes directly from Copper, once again saving sales reps valuable time and allowing them to focus on building and maintaining relationships with their prospects and with the confidence that all the little details of a particular deal are just at their fingertips all within the CRM.

5. Zendesk

Zendesk’s main purpose is streamlining customer support, and making it easier for both companies and their customers.

It offers live chat, ticket tracking, a knowledge base and call center software. When integrated with Copper, sales reps can see the whole history of a customer support ticket (New, Open, Pending, On Hold, Closed, Solved) right within Copper.

This kind of visibility into customer issues is vitally important for sales teams so they know how customers are feeling about a given product and which pain points they may be experiencing. They can use this feedback to help inform their communication process with the customer.

Bottom line

Copper offers a robust slate of native integrations that can help any sales team perform their jobs more efficiently and more accurately. Depending on your team’s needs, you can install other integrations including Slack,, AirCall, Outfunnel, Square and many more!