The truth about social selling: Vengreso x Surfe

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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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We caught up with Mario Martinez, CEO of Vengreso, to debunk some of the most common myths about social selling.

Building and nourishing client relationships is the foundation of every successful sales strategy.

These connections used to rely heavily on the dreaded cold call, but changing consumer behaviors and industry trends are forcing salespeople to adapt their approaches.

As the future of sales is becoming increasingly digital, all businesses should embrace the opportunities that a strong online presence has to offer.

Misconception #1: The point of social selling is to find potential buyers on social media platforms.

Truth: Social selling aligns your brand image with your ideal customer base and facilitates long-term relationships with qualified buyers.

Although the name suggests making sales on social media, social selling embodies far more than pitching prospective customers mass-marketing messages.

Social selling encompasses building your network, approaching leads using personalization, and delivering relevant calls to action. Instead of targeting prospective clients and crossing your fingers for a positive response, social selling encourages meaningful connections.

By checking off these boxes as the sales process progresses, you will naturally reduce your workload in the long run. You can then invest your time and resources into the most qualified leads.

Whether it be a cold call or email campaign, most prospects are aware of when they are being targeted for your product or service. Social selling allows businesses to adopt a natural approach by nurturing relationships with clients over an extended period of time.

In doing so, this gradual progression ensures that both parties are a good fit for one another, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion and reducing the likelihood of churn.

Misconception #2: Social selling is competitive with other sales methodologies.

Truth: Social selling acts as a complement when integrated with other sales methodologies.

Many people are surprised to learn that social selling doesn’t have to replace old sales methodologies.

Instead, it should be used in conjunction to maximize your reach.

With most people spending the vast majority of their days behind a screen, there’s no better place to connect with prospective clients than through digital platforms such as LinkedIn.

Social selling is a multifaceted strategy that simultaneously builds your brand’s credibility and boosts visibility. This sales method can take the form of…

  • sharing relevant content with your network
  • dispersing CTA’s across various channels
  • sending personalized messages to your prospects
  • actively engaging with your network

And much, much more!

These actions will not only put your enterprise on your prospect’s radar, but can also influence behaviors that push them further down the funnel.

Misconception #3: Social selling success comes from the application of complicated tools.

Truth: Social sellers yield a greater ROI when tools and skill set training are applied in conjunction.

While social selling tools can maximize your output, it’s important to remember that such tools should be used as supplements rather than replacements.

We recommend integrating a training program to ensure that sales representatives understand the why behind the utility of a social selling tool in addition to mastering its application.

According to Mario’s interview with Kirsten Boileau, the Global Head of digital enablement services at SAP…

“Teams that were provided with training for the tool they were given delivered 7x the pipeline than teams that weren’t.”‍

There are many tools that can supplement your social selling activities to expedite and enhance the sales process.

Surfe is a LinkedIn extension that acts as a singular, centralized mechanism for all of your social selling needs. The tool connects your CRM with LinkedIn to synchronize information between the two platforms, enrich contacts, and personalize messages so that you can stay on top of your prospects.


Sign up for your free, 14-day trial or book a demo to learn more about what Surfe (ex-Leadjet) has to offer.

Bottom line

Hopefully, together with vengreso, we’ve cleared up some of the most common misconceptions about social selling and encouraged you to take advantage of this modern selling strategy if you haven’t already.

Social selling tools and tactics are supplemental assets that can be rolled out over time, so implement them accordingly depending on your needs.

Don’t forget to track and measure the progress of your results to see where your efforts should be focused, and try to avoid making these social selling mistakes. In doing so, you will not only strengthen your business’s digital presence, but also open your product or service up to a vast network of digital users.

For a step-by-step guide that covers all things social selling, check out Vengreso’s free e-book titled The Modern Sales Leader’s Guide to Social Selling. If you are interested in learning more about Vengreso’s digital marketing services, you can reach out to [email protected].