10 case studies in 10 minutes

10 case studies
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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Catch up on our 10 most recent case studies to learn about how Surfe has impacted the lives of others.

At Surfe, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we’ve built with our valued customers.

With over 3000+ downloads on the Chrome Web Store and 1.8 million actions completed using our LinkedIn extension, Surfe has saved salespeople over 4 years of time thus far and these numbers continue to grow every day. We like to follow up with our clients to learn more about the impact that Surfe has had on their success and often publish the results on our blog.

Sign up for your free 14-day trial or book a demo to discover the impact that Surfe could have on your ROI, and keep reading to get a glimpse into our most recent case studies.

Surfe’s case studies in terms of ROI

1. HAVR achieved a 92% reply rate and eliminated 15 hours of manual tasks per month.

Havr is a company who revolutionized the way that large enterprises open and lock doors. With their digitized smartphone technology, they have eliminated the burden of carrying around multiple physical keys.

Havr initially sought out Surfe, because they found that the switch back and forth between LinkedIn and the CRM was too time consuming and prone to error. Because Surfe distinguishes between prospects that are already in the CRM with a purple highlight on LinkedIn, Havr employees can take notes, have conversations, and categorize their contacts without having to constantly switch back and forth between interfaces, allowing them to maintain momentum throughout the work day. Havr also struggled with the application of automation in their sales approach, given that the nature of their business revolves around building relationships with niche clientele.

By taking advantage of Surfe’s smart messaging templates, Havr can personalize messages based on the needs of each individual which allows them to retrieve more qualified leads. Havr reported a 92% reply rate after implementing Surfe, yielding a significant increase in the overall conversion rate. Surfe also saves Havr approximately 15 hours of manual tasks per month while making it easier for employees to follow their clients’ progression down the sales funnel.


2. COMET achieved a 0% data error rate and 0 contact losses.

Comet is a platform that expedites the hiring process by matching qualified freelance workers with enterprises in need. Comet saves their clients valuable time by filtering through every candidate’s profile and narrowing down the top three applicants based on their responses to a series of questions. As many professionals switched to freelance during the Covid-19 pandemic, Comet was having a difficult time balancing supply and demand between the users of their service.

After Surfe eliminated the hassle of mindless data entry and switching between LinkedIn and the CRM, Comet was able to achieve a 0% data error rate and 0 contact losses which has allowed sales reps to focus more on prospecting and selling. Because of Surfe’s user-friendly interface, Comet was able to seamlessly integrate the tool into their workflow in less than 5 minutes which allowed team members to take advantage of the LinkedIn integration almost immediately. Comet also values Surfe’s 100% GDPR compliance, because it provides peace of mind and ultimately maximizes the likelihood of conversion. Click here to access the full case study.


3. VENDREDI saved over 116 hours per month and achieved a 60-70% conversion rate.

Vendredi is a platform that helps companies to manage their positive impact on the world. Whether it be social or environmental involvement, Vendredi’s centralized platform encourages participation in volunteer activities, offers mentorship, and serves as a donation hub.

Because Vendredi’s target profile is usually someone in the HR department which is always overloaded with messages, they decided to use Surfe to increase the chances of conversion and avoid prospect loss. Vendredi partakes in a multi-channel marketing approach which increases the susceptibility of data loss and makes it difficult to track the evolving status of each prospect, but thanks to Surfe’s synchronization feature that instantly transfers accurate data from LinkedIn to the CRM, this burden was quickly eliminated. Surfe’s custom fields feature makes it easy for Vendredi team members to track each prospect’s progression through the sales funnel, therefore encouraging collaboration within the team.

Overall, Surfe saves Vendredi over 116 hours per month which is equivalent to a full day of work for each of the 11 employees. Surfe also helped Vendredi to achieve a 60-70% conversion rate which has drastically increased sales. Click here to access the full case study.


4. WORKLIFE saved over 300 hours, synchronized over 1500 conversations, and achieved 100% data accuracy.

Worklife is a platform that creates, manages, and finances employee benefits in the workplace. From meal vouchers and transportation to domestic care services and remote work allowances, Worklife has revamped the outdated method of benefit distribution.

Because many employees were out of the office and buyer attitudes changed significantly over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Worklife saw an opportunity to shift away from their previous cold-calling approach and integrate social selling tactics into their new strategy. With sales representatives across Europe, Worklife finds Surfe very useful for everyone to stay up-to-date with the current status of each prospect. There is now more autonomy and less micromanagement within the team, because Surfe’s synchronization between LinkedIn and the CRM allows Worklife employees to operate with confidence knowing that there are no errors or unprofessional double-contacts by different sales reps.

Surfe ultimately helped Worklife to refine their selling approach and in turn, reach their sales targets. More specifically, the Worklife team has saved over 300 hours, synchronized over 1500 conversations, and achieved 100% data accuracy with Surfe thus far.


5. RHR INTERNATIONAL reached a 93% retention rate and a 94% customer satisfaction rate.

RHR International is a consulting firm that assists executives across the globe towards performing at their highest potential. They achieve this by developing a strategy that is unique to each client based on relevant measures that are extracted from an assessment.

Because RHR International’s strategy requires that the consultants collect plenty of information about their customers, they saw an opportunity to use Surfe as a tool for nurturing and maintaining the relationships that are built with clients. The CRM plays an integral role in this process, and Surfe helps build the missing link between LinkedIn and the CRM to ensure that no interactions are duplicated or overlooked. Surfe’s contact enrichment feature also helps RHR International to retrieve professional contact details that would previously lead to dead ends when missing or outdated.

RHR International applauded Surfe for its user-friendly interface that helped them to reach a 93% retention rate and 94% customer satisfaction rate. Surfe’s synchronization between LinkedIn and the CRM not only gives RHR International consultants the chance to focus their efforts on customer acquisition, but also provides a peace of mind that is nearly impossible to put a price tag on. Click here to access the full case study.


6. OPENCLASSROOMS saved approximately 4 hours per week and eliminated bouncebacks.

OpenClassrooms is a company that strives to encourage development and learning in the workplace. The platform offers many resources for their B2B clients to distribute to employees that are eager to earn qualifications, profit from mentorship, or receive career coaching. OpenClassrooms noticed a bottleneck in their sales process between prospecting on LinkedIn and transferring data to the CRM which is what led them to Surfe.

Thanks to Surfe’s magic purple button, 1-click data synchronization between LinkedIn and the CRM has been saving OpenClassrooms approximately 4 hours of work every week which gives them the opportunity to invest more time into converting customers and closing deals. Surfe’s contact enrichment feature has also eliminated bouncebacks from inaccurate or missing contact information, therefore allowing OpenClassrooms to move prospects down the pipeline more quickly. Because OpenClassrooms has been hiring people at a rapid rate recently, they value Surfe’s ease-of-use which does not require any additional training for new salespeople. Click here to access the full case study.


7. UBBLE enriched over 3500 contacts, equivalent to 510 hours or 3 months of work days.

Ubble is a company that uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence for identity verification and fraud detection. The highly secure platform allows companies to identify users with confidence by securing all personal data and preventing identity theft.

The greatest challenge that Ubble found themselves facing was the inability to retrieve professional contact details for their prospects. Even in the case that they were successful in sourcing the correct information, they always ran the risk of making errors while inputting the information into the CRM which often led to roadblocks.

Surfe’s contact enrichment feature has allowed Ubble to automatically enrich over 3,500 contacts thus far, which is equivalent to 510 hours or three months of work days. In addition to improving data integrity within the CRM, Ubble employees work stress-free knowing that Surfe is a 100% GDPR compliant tool. Overall, Surfe has created more autonomy and confidence within the Ubble team by keeping the CRM up-to-date with all LinkedIn interactions and enriched contacts. Click here to access the full case study.

8. MOVITEXT sourced prospects 4x faster and saved over 30 hours per week.

Movitext is an A2P SMS aggregator that provides coverage for 18 different carriers across Central America. Movitext has collected thousands of contacts over the years, but many of these contacts have become outdated, leading to bounceback emails and failed marketing campaigns. Instead of manually updating every contact, Movitext decided to take advantage of Surfe’s auto-synchronization feature to enrich and transfer updated contacts to the CRM.

In addition to saving Movitext time and money, Surfe facilitates data-hygiene by eliminating the possibilities of error, corruption, and missing data which are inevitable when performing manual data entry. Because Surfe sits on top of LinkedIn, Movitext can update information in the CRM directly from the LinkedIn interface with the click of a button which has resulted in 4x faster prospect sourcing and over 30 hours saved per week – equivalent to hiring one additional full-time sourcer. Surfe’s contact enrichment feature has allowed Movitext to achieve a 97% success rate when sourcing emails and reduced their monthly bounceback rate from 2500 to fewer than 1000. Click here to access the full case study.


9. QUALIFIO saved over 104 hours per month and eliminated over 5000 clicks.

Qualifio has developed a platform that allows companies to build interactive marketing campaigns with no technical experience. Whether it be surveys, quizzes, polls, or contests, Qualifio assists companies with collecting qualitative data about their consumer base. Their product-based marketing strategy makes data collection an integral part of their approach, but the Qualifio team found it too time consuming to constantly switch back and forth between LinkedIn and the CRM.

Surfe has helped Qualifio speed up their workflow through the 1-click synchronization of these platforms, and the custom fields feature allows Qualifio to segment their diverse market by language which has been most useful in terms of targeting for email marketing campaigns. By taking advantage of everything that Surfe has to offer, the Qualifio team has saved over 104 hours per month and over 5,000 clicks thus far. Because their leads and conversations are automatically recorded in the CRM, Qualifio has been able to invest the time that would have been spent on manual data entry into retrieving qualified leads which has contributed to a rise in sales. Click here to access the full case study.


10. BATCH reduced the time it takes to input a contact by 2/3, saving an extra 2-3 hours per week.

Batch is a marketing platform that helps brands communicate with their clients and increase sales through the use of push-notifications and in-app messages. These outreach campaigns can be tailored to the needs of each user depending on what point they are at in the sales funnel. As Batch has recently implemented an account-based marketing approach that prioritizes personalization, the need for integration between LinkedIn and the CRM became increasingly prevalent which is what led them to Surfe.

With the time that was originally spent on manual data entry, Batch now invests these efforts into building strong relationships on LinkedIn which has led to more qualified leads and a higher conversion rate. Surfe also saves Batch time by sending enriched contacts to the appropriate Salesloft cadence, therefore creating a bridge between LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Salesloft with the click of a single button. With Surfe’s help, Batch has managed to reduce the time it takes to input a single contact by ⅔, which yields an extra 2-3 hours per week that can now be invested into follow-ups for deals that are ready to close.