See how Comet was able to optimize their workflow and give their employees peace of mind while prospecting


Surfe created a productivity and efficiency in my workflow I’ve learned to depend on

Nicolas Sepahi, Regional Manager

Comet’s simple freelancer hiring tool offers big results. By using Surfe, the company was able to optimize their workflow and give their employees peace of mind while prospecting.

Comet is a platform that matches top companies with the best freelancers. While there are many other freelance marketplaces out there, Comet is different.


Instead of overwhelming companies and HR teams with too many choices, Comet pre-selects the freelancers first. Without having to waste time on a cumbersome search and filtering process, businesses gain access to only the most qualified candidates, making it easy and quick to find the right person for the job.

Once a company creates a Comet account and answers a few key questions, the service presents the top three qualified expert freelancers available. This takes away all the drama, time, and tediousness of sifting through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles or CVs.

With their simple yet brilliant concept and user-friendly execution, it’s no surprise that Comet has grown exponentially, securing important clients such as BNP Paribas, Engie and L’Oreal. In order to fully understand the extent of their success, we interviewed Nicolas Sepahi, the regional manager at Comet.

Challenge 1:

Comet wanted to continue embracing improvement within workflow processes while meeting skyrocketing demand, and supply equilibrium.

  • Comet is a simple and effective platform which has gained a lot of popularity in the freelance community. Furthermore, due to the Covid crisis, more and more people have decided to become a freelancer to enjoy the flexibility and variety that freelance work offers. Thus, Comet is experiencing a massive growth, with nearly 10,000 freelancers in the community right now.
  • As Comet’s freelance base has increased rapidly, they needed to find more new clients and businesses to match with these talented freelancers.
  • While getting expert freelancers onboard has clearly happened quickly, Comet has had to quickly up scale in terms of clients to hire them at the same rate to serve the demand-supply equilibrium. However, many sales reps would empathize that sales & prospecting for the right clients takes time and energy.

Solution 1: Surfe eliminated the copy-paste task that helps sales reps save time on manual data entry.

Comet’s account manager decided to find ways to increase productivity in their workflow in order to accelerate their sales process. To start, they identify mundane tasks which can be done efficiently by using new emerging tools. One of which is manual data entry from LinkedIn to the CRM. This is a task that has to be done by a salesperson in most companies, but it is time consuming and not very interesting.

Eric Didier, the COO of Comet suggested the account management team to install Surfe to address the aforementioned issues.

Immediately, the team sees the value of Surfe which helps to bridge LinkedIn to the CRM for contact and conversation synchronization.

More specifically, Surfe helps sales reps save time by connecting LinkedIn to the CRM. When team members didn’t have to pause, switch windows/tabs, and copy and paste info, they stayed more focused on the task at hand (prospecting on LinkedIn) while Surfe handled the boring and manual, yet important task of saving and recording data accurately into the CRM.

This means that employees were able to prospect more each day thanks to the time saved by skipping those menial tasks, essentially moving prospects through their sales pipeline faster and turning them into Comet clients.

And of course, these new clients needed freelancers, which ensured Comet met their goals of matching expert freelancers with the businesses that needed them.

As more and more clients sign on thanks to additional and more effective prospecting, these near -10,000 freelancers are continuously gaining opportunities to work with these businesses, and the future looks bright.

Problem 2:
Other sales helper tools/software weren’t meeting Comet’s exact need. The Comet team prefers a simple and well-integrated tool.

Indeed, right now there are a plethora of sales tools/software in the market, such as sequence automation machines, growth hacking applications or other fancy plug-ins. Most companies agreed that these tools are often difficult to use and learning how to use them could be a source of frustration.
When we spoke to Nicolas, a regional manager at Comet with years of experience sourcing prospects on LinkedIn, he wasn’t impressed with many LinkedIn sales tools he had used. Many of these tools had complex features making them too time-consuming to learn and apply.

Many other companies that we interviewed also agreed that without a defined value proposition, sales automation tools can often alienate users or give a sense that control is lost, which negates any value they might have offered in the first place. Some automation tools can even be risky to utilize, resulting in frozen LinkedIn accounts or even banning for violating the service’s terms and conditions due to robotic behavior.

As to be expected, these tools could overwhelm or not satisfy account managers such as Nicolas, especially if they also need to train new employees to use these complicated and risky tools to manage the workflow.

Solution 2: Surfe is not only a simple and easy fix, but it is also a GDPR compliant tool that Comet employees can depend on:

Another reason the Comet team finds Surfe so helpful is due to its simplicity and that it is GDPR compliant. Since Comet is a company that also prides itself on creating simple and straightforward tools that help businesses, Surfe’s simple and executable concept aligns well with the company, providing not just results, but an efficiency the team has learned to count and depend on.

Surfe takes less than five minutes to install and master. Being able to install and learn how to operate such a useful tool in a short amount of time contributed even more to the Comet team’s improved productivity. Moreover, Surfe does not do any robotic behavior and we always make you feel that you are in control of your own data.

The simplicity has also helped Comet streamline their onboarding processes. With freelancers and clients growing rapidly, onboarding new employees is the norm, and this takes time. But it’s simple to train employees on how to use Surfe, making the onboarding process even easier and faster.

Nicolas also mentioned that using Surfe provides a sense of relief and comfort. He knows he’s in good hands when he sees qualified leads, and can prospect quickly and efficiently. He’s able to relax, click on Surfe’s magic blue button, and know that his contacts have been accurately transferred to the CRM in just milliseconds, all while he remains on LinkedIn and continues to prospect. This also allows the team to capture leads immediately whenever they see a qualified prospect, which maximizes the result of client conversion.

I’m curious and I love to try new tools, so the fact that I’ve discovered Surfe and continue to use it daily means it’s created a productivity and efficiency in my workflow I’ve learned to depend on.

Nicolas Sepahi, regional manager at Comet

The ease to capture leads with Surfe is an added bonus to Comet employees and it gives them the confidence that the people that they want to prospect are already in the CRM — and getting results.

Results using Surfe: Surfe helped to speed up and allowed the team to have a more balanced workflow..‍

ROI from saving time

Thanks to Surfe, each account manager saves several hours per month, avoiding those boring and time consuming manual tasks which allow them to better focus on effective prospecting.

Using Surfe allows account managers to onboard more new clients and focus on prospecting, selling, and working to equal out their supply and demand.

ROI from simplicity
Comet is an innovative and agile company.
The principle of simplicity has allowed Comet’s clients to staff their positions quickly, efficiently, and with the right candidate. 85% of their clients are able to find the right freelancers within a week, many within just 48 hours. This number is impressive since on average it typically takes at least two weeks to hire a freelancer.

While ease of mind isn’t as tangible as time saved, it’s still a very important factor when it comes to workplace efficiency. Having prospects information & message conversation transferred to the CRM in 1-click gives a sense of ease and this extra perk could be a motivating factor that produces better results.

Surfe’s simplicity allows employees to stay on 1 system where relationships happen — on LinkedIn. Having the prospect’s information & LinkedIn conversation transferred automatically to the CRM eliminates error and avoids sales rep from losing time in doing pointless copying and pasting. Since Surfe eliminates human error, the team no longer has to stress over making mistakes or having typos. When employees no longer have to do unappealing manual labor and can focus on what really matters, it makes their lives easier and their output more productive, all leading to a better workflow and a bigger ROI.

Bottom line
Here at Surfe, we understand the importance of making a tool that’s simple, yet significant. Things don’t have to be overly complicated to make a real difference. In fact, it’s often the opposite. Comet and Surfe both adhere to this principle, making our product the missing link in helping with their company’s continued success.

We understand the pressure and stress that comes along with sales and account management. Surfe wants to be your crutch, a tool you can depend on that provides users with comfort and ease. When using Surfe, no lead will be left behind. We’ve got your back.

Doesn’t feeling relaxed at work sound great? Test out the ease and simplicity of Surfe with our 14 day trial. With Surfe, no leads get left behind.

Make finding that perfect freelancer a breeze using Comet. They’ll deliver the best candidates for the job for you to choose from, hassle free. Visit Comet to find out more & for businesses with freelance offers you may contact Nicolas at [email protected].