Read how DigitalSuits leverages message template feature to save time and keep sales personal


Surfe has made working with the CRM so much more convenient

Andriy Lavinskiyy, Sales at DigitalSuits

DigitalSuits leverages message template feature to save time and keep sales personal

LinkedIn’s renowned reputation as the greatest network for business engagement has made it an attractive field for B2B sales. Companies like DigitalSuits have recognized the advantages of social selling and are now leveraging it as one of their main strategies.

As great as LinkedIn can be for sales in the B2B segment, it remains a social network, which wasn’t created for sales explicitly. Therefore, sales managers are constantly on the lookout for tools that will ease the integration of LinkedIn with their CRM.

We talked with Andriy Lavinskiyy from DigitalSuits to find out how he has been utilizing Surfe in his daily sales flow.

Challenge 1: Transferring contact data to CRM was taking too much time

DigitalSuits finding sourcing clients on LinkedIn works great for them, but finding and transferring prospects’ data to Pipedrive manually took up a lot of time, harming the sales flow’s efficiency.


Before Surfe, they utilized Linkmatch, although still found that the process wasn’t optimized to its’ full potential.

Solution 1: Surfe saves DigitalSuits 610+ hours on manual data entry

To make data transferring to their CRM painless, DigitalSuits chose Surfe’s one-click solution.

They now have Pipedrive integrated with LinkedIn, no longer having to switch back-n-forth between tabs.

Surfe automatically fills in all CRM contact fields and allows them to enrich contacts without leaving the LinkedIn interface.

DigitalSuits has also managed to keep their CRM updated thanks to the update lead feature, making sure all data stays relevant and fresh.

Challenge 2: Personalized approach is key, but sometimes it made the sales flow lengthy

DigitalSuits knows that the key to social selling on LinkedIn is finding a personalized method to approach prospects.

After sourcing prospects, researching their interests and detecting how their problems can be eased, you also need to figure out how to best approach them. DigitalSuits prefer to structure their sales process around the needs of their customers and therefore always come up with personal messages.

However, when your daily workflow involves reaching out to a large number of prospects, crafting multiple personal messages from A to Z can be extremely time-consuming.

Solution 2: Message template feature enables to save time without sacrificing personalization

With Surfe’s smart template feature, DigitalSuits can now draft messages, save them as templates and personalize them when reaching out to prospects. This way, they save time typing the same details multiple times a day without sacrificing the human aspect of communication, therefore creating an opportunity to contact more people.

Surfe’s smart template feature will identify which template yields the highest reply rate and recommend that particular template for you. It also allows you to share the extremely effective template with your colleagues to help your entire team close more sales.

ROI of using Surfe at DigitalSuits

Since introducing Surfe to their workflow, DigitalSuits has managed to save 87+ hours of manual work per month for the entire team.

DigitalSuits painlessly enriched and added 1250+ contacts to their CRM without having to enter their contact details manually.

Contacting more people has been much easier with the use of personalized message templatesDigitalSuits has seen a drastic improvement in the efficiency of their sales flow after leveraging the message template feature around 4,000 times over 4 months.

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