How Jobgether managed to add 2.5x more contacts into HubSpot in less time and organize their prospects with labels directly on LinkedIn


Now we can add more leads a day. I was adding maybe about 20 a day. Today we can easily add 50, 60 if we want to!

Alexandre Hernandez, Co-founder at Jobgether

How Jobgether managed to add 2.5x more contacts into HubSpot in less time and organize their prospects with labels directly on LinkedIn

Jobgether is revolutionizing the recruitment industry by making the job hiring process shorter and simpler for their clients.

The company’s ambition is to help every talented individual find a fulfilling job while also making the lives of recruiters easier. As an HR-marketplace, Jobgether connects employers with candidates, providing a revolutionary, tailor-made approach towards hiring. By automating all of the time-consuming tasks such as posting job advertisements and sorting out CVs – the platform gives recruiters more time for conducting interviews, connecting with candidates, and sharing feedback.

In addition to simplifying the hiring process for French start-ups, scale ups, and SMEs, Jobgether also makes it possible for their clients to save funds on traditional headhunters.

We sat down with Alexandre Hernandez, co-founder of Jobgether, to discuss how Surfe has been helping him with sourcing more clients and growing the company.

Challenge 1: Increasing the number of prospects to manage requires extra time, especially from a small team

When Jobgether was first founded, Alexandre was the one responsible for bringing in new customers. As the head of sales, he was fully engaged in finding new leads, adding them into the CRM, scheduling and hosting demos, setting up marketing automation, and doing account management.

Jobgether is a marketplace and their business model is based on volume, so the ultimate goal is to bring in as many leads and clients as possible. This means that the prospecting and qualifying processes need to be as quick and efficient as possible, in order to support a larger funnel and increase the chances of raising the win rate.

Although Alexandre was managing the sales activities well and securing plenty of deals, he was wearing many hats which led him to seek out new, time-saving methods so that he could ultimately spend more time focusing on his responsibilities as a co-founder.

Solution 1: Surfe helps Jobgether add 2.5x more contacts to HubSpot

Jobgether found that Surfe eliminated the hassle of manually transferring data from LinkedIn to the CRM. After finding new leads through job advertisements and locating their accounts on LinkedIn, Jobgether’s sales team can now add new contacts into HubSpot with the click of a button. With Surfe, sales reps can also source emails and send leads to their HubSpot email marketing sequence much easier than before. This little tweak saves Jobgether plenty of time that can now be allocated elsewhere.

“In a start-up, you’re always busy, always hustling – as a co-founder we even have more responsibilities. Finding the right tools can really save you time, but, at the end of the day, there are not many that meet their claim of time saving. But Surfe (ex-Leadet) does really saves us time.”

Alexandre has also noticed that by implementing Surfe and winning themselves more time, the team has been adding 2.5 times more leads to HubSpot. Having a broader sales funnel gives Jobgether more opportunities to pursue leads and increases the success rate of closing deals.

With the company growing, Jobgether’s whole sales team now utilizes Surfe for improved efficiency.

Challenge 2: Personalizing outreach on LinkedIn is effective, but it adds to the CRM data input workload

Starting out by himself in the sales department, Alexandre was constantly seeking efficiency and optimization. Where relevant, he put in place several automation activities to help in his workload. He noticed that reasonable automation was delivering results, so when the team expanded, these processes were kept in place.

However, a lot of Alexandre’s activity hinges on LinkedIn – a platform that stands against automating user interactions. Knowing this, and also having found that automation on LinkedIn never worked for him, Alexandre chooses to keep his actions on LinkedIn manual, human, and personal. He likes contacting prospects via direct message to maintain the human touch when engaging with connections on the platform. He also puts effort into building his own consistent network on LinkedIn, where he can exchange and connect with colleagues and leads.

When it comes to sales on LinkedIn, Alexandre uses personalized messages to reach potential clients. “Personalization can really make a difference. Even though you can personalize a lot of things in some automation tools, people aren’t stupid – they’ll know it’s automated” – he says.

Personalization delivers results and helps build stronger bonds with prospects, but it also means that the personalized approach should be standardized. To ensure consistency, the sales representative must keep track of all interactions to prevent important details from getting lost or forgotten which requires extra time and effort from the team. For a platform like Jobgether that aims for volume, this can take a toll on both the sales efficiency of the team and the overall number of conversions.

Solution 2: Surfe maximizes the efficiency of Jobgether’s personalized sales approach by organizing their prospects with a status label directly on LinkedIn

Since starting to use Surfe, Alexandre has received great responses to his personalized messages on LinkedIn. His human-like approach to sales, community engagement, and Surfe’s handy features have really made the difference.

“What I love a lot is using Surfe to automatically sync LinkedIn messages with HubSpot”. 

With Surfe, Jobgether has all of their LinkedIn conversations automatically synchronized to the CRM. When talking to a prospect on LinkedIn, Alexandre can focus on nurturing the lead and establishing a strong relationship instead of worrying about transferring the information to HubSpot. Because the conversation is automatically transferred to the CRM database, no important details are missed.

Jobgether has also seen improved efficiency from leveraging Surfe’s CRM overlayThey can now change prospects’ status labels directly from their LinkedIn profiles, without having to do it in HubSpot. This feature saves Jobgether time and also allows them to better filter through their prospects.

ROI for Jobgether

Surfe has made the sales process much quicker for Jobgether as they no longer waste time manually entering data into their CRM and are much more efficient when connecting with prospects. With that being said, Jobgether saves up to 3 hours per day thanks to Surfe.

As contact labels can now be assigned straight from the LinkedIn interface and conversations are synchronized with HubSpot, the need for switching tabs to access the CRM has been eliminated.

Jobgether went from adding 20 contacts per day to 50-60, seeing an increase of 2.5x more contacts added to Hubspot. With more leads in the funnel, they now have the opportunity to engage in more demo calls which in turn, leads to more incoming clients.

The increase in efficiency has enabled Jobgether to continue expanding their network, growing the startup, and helping more companies improve their recruitment processes.

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