See how Surfe helps Vendredi with tool implementation seamlessly, easy, and quick


Implementing a tool used to be a nightmare, but with Surfe, everything is seamlessly, easy, and quick

Robin Iss, Head of Growth

Vendredi is the French employee engagement platform that simplifies the management of all the positive actions of a company by offering various social and environmental activities. Each of these activities are simple and the platform aims to boost engagement by getting the entire team at a company involved.

Clients using Vendredi find having this platform extremely helpful as all the activities available are set out for them in one easy-to-use platform. This encourages more company civic involvement and adds ease for the Corporate Social Responsibility Directors or Welfare Managers using the platform.

Vendredi started using Surfe in September of 2020, a success story in the making. We spoke with Rob Iss, the Head of Growth, who told us that Surfe has added tremendous value and ease to Vendredi’s workflow.

Here’s more on how Surfe has helped employees improve their multichannel marketing approach, collaboration, and organization for best results.

The Challenge:
Multichannel marketing approach can be time-consuming and challenging to execute smoothly.

Vendredi’s ideal consumer profile (ICP) is a Welfare Manager or a Corporate Social Responsibility Director. In fact, these roles are far and few between as not all companies have this particular role. With a relatively lower pool of prospects, this makes it extra important for Vendredi to convert them into clients. Meaning, to avoid prospect loss, each opportunity must be treated carefully with personal touch.
These prospects are also in high demand, often targeted by companies which are selling HR-related products. This means they can easily get overwhelmed with too many sales messages and so sending direct sales messages often doesn’t work.
Vendredi believes the value that their product brings and so they want to ensure that their potential clients understand the merit that Vendredi can bring before they start selling anything.

Thus the solution is approaching these prospects via multiple channels. This way, your potential client can comfortably discover their product little by little, which could also improve retention rate in the long run.

This all sounds simple, but there’s one major obstacle when it comes to multichannel marketing: it’s difficult to track if the prospect has been approached and extremely time-consuming when it comes to manual data entry.

While multichannel marketing is an effective method, many companies are hesitant to deploy it because if all interactions aren’t properly noted, chaos ensues. For example, if a marketing rep contacted a prospect via LinkedIn messaging to offer them a webinar and a sales person wasn’t aware of this to offer the same webinar, this could result in double-messaging or on the other side, missed opportunities.

This type of confusion and disorganization alienates prospects, makes them feel unimportant, and creates an environment of awkwardness and unprofessionalism.

Particularly for Vendredi, with a relatively limited prospect list, they are aware that it’s important to make sure that everyone involved in contacting a particular prospect is aware of the prospect’s stage in the customer journey.
Surfe helps synchronize messages from multichannel approaches, keeps organization perfect, and ensures that no key information is lost or forgotten when it comes to keeping track of data and interaction with each and every prospect.

In hopes of streamlining this multichannel workflow and avoiding error, Robin tried many different tools. His colleague, Thibault Claudon tried Surfe, presented it to the team, and encouraged everyone, including Robin, to give it a try.

Immediately, the team found Surfe easy to use, which was a nice break from the more complicated tools Robin had been testing out. Therefore, Surfe’s integration into the Vendredi workflow was seamless, and the team appreciated how little training was needed to get everyone up to par.

The new multichannel workflow at Vendredi began with the marketing team engaging in brand awareness. To execute this, the team sent LinkedIn messages to prospects asking them to join webinars, sharing key articles, blog posts, or playbooks from the company.

Following this, salespeople then could ask the prospects several warm up questions. After this period of ‘nurturing’ the client, they can also encourage prospects to join Vendredi’s community ‘Impact at Work.’ By doing all these baby steps it allows prospects to learn about Vendredi gradually, allowing the greatness & convenience of the platform to speak for itself.

This is where Surfe comes in. In order to avoid double messaging, missed opportunities, and ensure all members of both the sales and marketing teams were on the same page, the team used Surfe to synchronize all LinkedIn messages and make sure everyone was up-to-date on current prospecting information with just one click. All LinkedIn conversations were logged to the CRM, meaning all the information and history was easily visible to the entire team. This helped the team avoid any errors.

It’s okay to have different people in the company contacting the same person, but it’s not okay to push the same exact information because we failed to communicate internally. Surfe helps us avoid this.

Robin Iss, Head of Growth, Vendredi

Robin was then easily able to understand how far along the pipeline each prospect was by viewing message history and information. Once they were significantly warmed up, he called the prospects using the appropriate sales pitch tailored to their needs.

You can view an example of Vendredi’s multichannel marketing workflow below:

Surfe also offers custom fields directly on prospect’s LinkedIn profile page in order to optimize efficiency and customize exactly what your employees see about a prospect

Robin Iss optimizes Surfe’s custom field feature by placing preferred custom fields on one page so all team members can view it.

Having custom fields such as intro ideas and task assignments and connecting them to Lemlist helps the marketing and sales teams to collaborate in a more organized and easier way. See below for an example:

Having all the important information viewable on one page really helps stabilize the relationship between the marketing and sales teams as there is no information loss.

For example, if a marketing rep was the one who first approached a prospect, noticed they joined a webinar and also gave feedback afterwards, the marketing rep could write the feedback on the ‘personalized intro’ segment (which would then be synchronized to Hubspot) and sales team could later view this information and use it as a personalized ice breaker. This kind of inter-company communication keeps things perfectly organized and assists different teams to contact a prospect in a more personalized and orderly manner.

ROI from collaboration

Using Surfe really added value to Vendredi’s workflow. Now, there is no data lost and all teams are in collaboration and on the same page. With all data easily synchronized into the CRM, it allows the head of growth (as well as both the marketing and the sales teams) to understand the customer’s journey from the beginning and any engagement that’s happened between Vendredi and potential clients.

Having everything available on one page also makes things so much easier when it comes to this inter-company collaboration.

ROI from increased conversion rates

Thanks to Vendredi’s innovative multichannel marketing approach and personalization (and synchronization help from Surfe, the company managed to attain a conversion rate of 60-70%. This number is extremely impressive, considering that the average sales conversion rate is just under 10%.

ROI from saving time

Employees save time as they don’t have to hop back and forth between LinkedIn and the CRM. Vendredi noted that the time saved thanks to Surfe for the entire team of 11 people is 116 hours per month! This comes out to about one full day of work on average per month for each employee, which can be used for a nonprofit activity — yes, internal employees benefit from Vendredi’s platform, too!

Activism as a workplace team has never been easier. Ensure your team contributes to the greater good by using Vendredi. For more information, contact Robin Iss: [email protected]

Implementing multichannel marketing is a great plan, but only if you can keep track of the workflow, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Surfe can help you sync your conversations and improve workflow, ensuring nothing gets lost and all of your team members work together for the best results possible.