We Just Rebranded! What began as a simple tool called Leadjet has now evolved into a tech company, a solution towards smart selling. As the product grows beyond its LinkedIn borders, so must the brand too.

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Because Sales is a Lifestyle

In the midst of a global pandemic, David and Romain brought to the world a tool they wanted every sales team to have. A tool that eliminated daunting admin tasks in sales and connected CRMs with LinkedIn, where most B2B relationships happened.They believed this simple, yet revolutionary solution would help hundreds of people in their day-to-day jobs, make their life easier, and data cleaner. Most importantly, they wanted to empower sales reps to shift their focus to what mattered the most – building relationships and selling. Two years later, with 20+ employees, a new office and the same passion, we realized the shift of paradigm in the world of sales and revenue teams.


We knew CRM users were getting tired of the same old non-customizable features, generic templates, workflows & data schemas that dictate them how to work in their own databases. We felt restricted in using CRMs that required too many additional efforts in order to break the silo and link them to external sources and platforms. We wanted to make working with a CRM seamless, easy, flowy. Having developed our unique recipe for connecting CRMs with LinkedIn we were able to help SDRs find contacts and engage with them, and allow Account Executives sync their notes with the CRM.


To support professionals throughout the entire sales cycle and eliminate inefficiencies, we want to bring this recipe from LinkedIn to all the sales tools and platforms they’re using. On a mission to create the next generation sales productivity tool, we want to alleviate the pains of daily work for the whole revenue team: from SDRs, account executives, to team leaders, revenue operations and customer success. We felt that “Leadjet” no longer reflected our vision and wasn’t sufficient enough for the product expansion ahead. As the product grows to serve more people, the brand should too. That’s why we’re building Surfe.

The brand reflects a sense of ease, playful nature, and performance-based attributes commonly associated with surf culture.

Sales is much like surfing


Watch Surfe In 90 seconds

Selling good vibes.

We’re changing all of the brand elements like logotype, the fonts, the layouts, the colors to better reflect our vision and character.

Why Surfe ? Your Sales Companion

Sale vs sell

Our next-level product will provide you with simple, flowy and cross-channel experience, overlaying browsers and every website you visit. Surfe treats the CRM as a database and brings your workflow and relationship management to the next level. Plus, we’re introducing the first dashboard on top of all the others.We call it the surfboard.

Bring balance into your day with Surfe