8 best LinkedIn Chrome extensions for 2023

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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Learn how to streamline your daily LinkedIn interactions and workflows with the best LinkedIn Chrome extensions for 2023.

LinkedIn is one of the top sales and marketing tools for 2021.

Completely different than other types of social media, LinkedIn is apt for prospecting, networking, email collection, and connecting with clients. It’s one of the best tools you can invest time in when it comes to growing your network and sales.

According to our article on key LinkedIn stats for 2020, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for engaging the audience that matters most to your business, with over 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content.

Although LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool, sometimes the sheer size and opportunity of the platform can make it hard to know where to focus your efforts. In order to get the most out of it, you may need a little extra help to reach a larger audience, generate leads, find emails, source prospects, or automate manual data entry, among other things.

The solution? LinkedIn Chrome extensions / plugins.

A LinkedIn Chrome extension (or plugin) can help you get the most out of your LinkedIn business experience, ensuring you have the furthest reach in the quickest amount of time. Here are some of our favorites, ranked and compared.

Best LinkedIn Chrome extensions for 2022

1. Surfe

Surfe is a browser extension that helps sales professionals prospect in half the time by automatically adding LinkedIn prospects in a single click to the CRM without having to take the time to enter the data manually. Without any annoying additional interface or pop-ups (it’s just a simple extension), Surfe quickly adds information like a prospect’s name, company, job title, email, phone number, and more from LinkedIn directly into the CRM.

Add as contact

With a two-way sync of LinkedIn contact info, status, conversations, tasks, notes, activity, and ownership of the lead, nothing will get lost along the way. A new section is embedded below their profile summary, making it easy to spot the information not just in the CRM but also on LinkedIn. And every team member in the organization can clearly see or edit the info, including managers (yes — both managers and salespeople alike benefit from Surfe!

As jobs, companies, and positions are constantly ebbing and flowing, prospect data can seem to be constantly out of date. In fact, a third of the CRM data becomes inaccurate every year as companies merge and people switch jobs. It’s virtually impossible for salespeople to keep up, especially if they need to be entering these data changes into the CRM manually. But with Surfe, this problem disappears. Users will never need to worry about prospect data being out of date in the CRM, as Surfe notes any changes in real time and automatically updates the CRM with the new information.

Yes, we’re Surfe. And yes, we really do feel our tool is the best Chrome extension / plugin out there, as it helps salespeople work faster and more efficiently!

Get it: Sign up for Surfe, where users get their first 14 days free, or book a demo to see how it works. The browser extension works with CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, plus email enrichment tools such as Dropcontact, Hunter, Skrapp, and Kendo.

2. Skrapp

overview of the skrapp tool

Easily extract leads using Skrapp, a browser extension that obtains verified B2B emails in order to help users grow their outreach pipeline. This LinkedIn email finder tool helps find email addresses using specific email verification methods as well as data matching algorithms.

Although the tool works with LinkedIn, users can also build email lists from specific company or organization websites and use Skrapp’s in-app features, too. This feature, the domain search, helps gather and organize lead data and exports it to the CRM, as well as CSV or Excel sheets.

Specifically for LinkedIn users, the email finder feature will integrate with the account, then find relevant emails within seconds, saving them directly to an online Skrapp.io directory. From this directory, Skrapp will help users to start building and creating targeted email lists that best align with their sales and business goals.

Get it: New users can get 150 email credits for free on Skrapp, and there are premium plan options. There’s even a special plan for users that need more than 50,000 emails per year. The extension / plugin also works alongside Surfe, too, for double the lead generation and prospecting fun.

3. Lempod

overview of lempod website

Lempod’s browser extension works a little differently from some of the others. It’s all about increasing LinkedIn engagement by joining relevant pods.

Basically, users share their LinkedIn posts. Then, those within the pods (they call themselves ‘lempoders’) will automatically like and comment on posts (and users can choose which comments people leave on their posts, too). They get to select which pods to share their posts with, finding the right groups of ‘lempoders’ to share their content with.

Using Lempod can increase LinkedIn reach, making it 10 times higher. It’s also easy track views, comments, and likes using the extension. While it can help immensely for personal branding or recruiting, salespeople and business professionals may find it most beneficial from a marketing perspective, growing their contacts, improving connections, and driving traffic to their websites for improved visibility and brand awareness.

Get it: Joining Lempod gives users a chance to join over 1000 different pods. Membership options start as low as just $2 per month.

4. Shield

overview of shield website

Shield is all about driving engagement to boost brands using statistics and custom analytics on LinkedIn. The Chrome extension measures performance of content, hashtags, and posts in order to help users understand their audience (including regions, companies, and occupations) and figure out the best days and times to post their content.

While this particular extension can be especially apt for personal branding, it can also be useful for boutique brands or smaller B2B companies to understand who is engaging with their content. Based on Shield’s analytics and statistics, companies can form a cohesive LinkedIn content strategy, including posting using the right hashtags at the right times that can best promote what they have to offer, allowing them to connect with the right audience.

Get it: Various rate plans are available from Shield depending on users’ needs starting at $12 per month. All plans include a 10-day free trial, and users can book a demo for more information.

5. Wiza

wiza website overview

Generate hundreds of emails in a single click with Wiza, a Chrome extension that helps with LinkedIn lead generation. This email finder extension could save users hours of work. Some even report sourcing over 2,000 emails in just one hour with Wiza.

For best results, users should also have to have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is LinkedIn’s own sales tool. Searches can be filtered by things like region, job title, industry, experience, languages spoken, and more. Then, it’s easy to export results to a CSV or Excel sheet. Before the list of emails is exported, Wiza verifies these emails, meaning users shouldn’t have many (or any) bouncebacks. This system may be best for professionals that are focused more on quantity than quality, needing access to a large number of emails in a particular region or field.

Get it: New users can get their first 20 emails for free. Wiza offers monthly plans, or you can pay just $0.15 per valid email. Custom plans are also available.

6. Dux Soup

Dux-soup website overview

Put lead generation on autopilot by using Dux Soup. The browser extension integrates with LinkedIn to download prospects’ profile data into CSV files, send connection requests, and direct messages to contacts, all staying within the website’s safety limits. Essentially, the plugin allows users to shorten their sales cycle and sell to more customers through LinkedIn, building relationships with prospects in lieu of chasing them down.

Dux Soup allows for the set up of automated LinkedIn outreach campaigns or drip campaigns, which will send automated messages to prospects. These will follow up with potential clients, stopping automatically when a potential customer responds to the messaging. Once a user has all the prospect’s details, then they can then be uploaded to the CRM for easy lead management. Eventually, users can really begin to scale up their lead generation efforts using this extension.

However, it is worth noting that although Dux Soup proclaims to stay within LinkedIn’s safety limits, sometimes the website will detect and/or block these types of automation tools, which can lead to account freezing or pausing in extreme cases. But Dux Soup does say that it randomizes waiting times between actions, runs during scheduled hours only, avoids profiles based on various rules, and stays within “fair use” limits from LinkedIn, so most users shouldn’t have an issue if they’re using the plugin properly.

Get it: Dux Soup offers two pricing plans, Professional, which is more affordable, and Turbo, which takes things a step further with two-way CRM integration and funneling activity from prospects into your KPI dashboard.

7. Linked Helper

linkedhelper overview web

Eliminate some of the most mundane and mindless time-wasters like by-hand email sourcing and scrolling profiles by using Linked Helper, a Chrome extension that refers to itself as “LinkedIn lead generation on steroids.”

It’s worth noting right off the bat that LinkedIn doesn’t always look favorably on tools like this, as they do go against LinkedIn’s Terms of Service. So, use this tool (and other similar tools, such as Dux Soup, which we mentioned above) at your own risk.

Linked Helper allows users to automate things like messaging and endorsing 1st connections or inviting them to follow/join a LinkedIn group/event. You can also auto-tag certain profiles, auto-follow them, collect and remove contacts, obtain targeted emails, and much more. The extension also works with the CRM to save important lead contact information.

Basically, Linked Helper automates the most boring tasks so you can focus on what matters. Linked Helper also incorporates with free LinkedIn, Linkedin Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter.

Get it: Try Linked Helper for free, and plans start as low as $8.25 per month when you commit to a 12-month plan.

8. Follower Insights for LinkedIn

Follower Insights web overview

Ever wish you could view a LinkedIn user’s follower count without having to lose your place on the platform or open a new tab to check their profile? Now, thanks to Follower Insights for LinkedIn, it’s possible!

With Jens Marketing’s latest release, you can retain your momentum and optimize your LinkedIn interactions without losing any time! Follow Insights for LinkedIn works across the entire LinkedIn platform, showing a user’s follower count on LinkedIn posts, comments, post engagements, people searches, and contact requests.

Gone are the days of triggering “so and so viewed your profile” notifications for the retrieval of simple pieces of information, such as a follower count. With Follower Insights for LinkedIn, you can make data driven decisions about who you engage with or add to your network to boost the quality of your experience on LinkedIn.

Get it: Follower Insights for LinkedIn offers both a free version and a paid version that requires a one time payment of 6.99€. The free version shows accounts with over 1,000 followers as 1,000+, while the paid version shows you the exact number with no limit. You can also become an affiliate partner to earn 25% commission on the sales that you make.

Honorable mentions


This new Chrome extension allows you to view a rich company profile whenever you visit a company’s website. You can easily bring different company characteristics to determine quickly how good a prospect is.

How to choose your perfect LinkedIn Chrome extension(s) / plugin(s)

According to our article on 2020 LinkedIn stats, the platform has over 645 million users. That’s a massive amount of business professionals in one place, but figuring out how to maximize networking, prospecting, and simply connecting with the right people on LinkedIn can often be difficult or overwhelming. This is where LinkedIn Chrome extensions come in.

Picking the right tools to help automate your LinkedIn processes depend greatly on your needs. When deciding which LinkedIn helpers are right for you, think about your product, your potential clients, your current lead generation efforts, and your current prospecting methods. Are you looking for increased interaction? More emails? Brand visibility? Avoiding manual data entry? Saving time with automation? Connecting your CRM with LinkedIn?

Make a list of what you think would be most beneficial for you, your business, or your brand — what do you need in a tool to take things to the next level? Considering that many of the aforementioned LinkedIn Chrome extensions, lead generators, and automation tools are used for a variety of different things, it’s most important to first classify your needs.

Then, decide which of these tools can fix your pain points, issues, or make you or your business more efficient. Make sure to take into consideration that certain types of LinkedIn automation tools or extensions could put your account at risk, and you’ll have to decide if that risk is worth the benefits. But don’t worry, there are plenty of safe prospecting extensions out there, too (we’ve listed some!). And you may need more than one, even two or three different extensions. Since many of the tools offer trial periods or free options, you can sample them first to see if they end up working for you.