How to book 3x more meetings on LinkedIn

How to book 3x more meetings on LinkedIn
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Surfe CEO and co-founder, David Chevalier, sat down with Mattia Schaper, co-founder of SDRs of Germany, to discuss her top 3 strategies for booking 3x more meetings on LinkedIn.


Mattia first co-founded SDRs of Germany as a LinkedIn group, thinking she would get only 10 or 15 like-minded people to join. But on the first day, almost 700 people signed up.


Since then, she’s been on a mission to build a community of SDRs that can grow and learn from each other.

The Challenges of Booking Meetings on LinkedIn

Too much noise

The average C-level prospect receives around 128 sales touchpoints per day (Harvard and MIT).

Ten years ago, there was one CRM and one email tool. But now, there are hundreds of different sales tools.

With prospects receiving 128 touchpoints per day, it’s ultra important that you find a way to cut through the noise.

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Too easy to ignore

But how do you cut through the noise?

Well, robotic and non-personalized touchpoints without any prior relationship make it easy to ignore messaging.

So the best SDRs make their outreach impossible to ignore.

Use hyper-personalization, be genuine in your outreach, and focus on building solid relationships.

Trusted relationships encourage prospects to reply without feeling like they are being forced through a sales funnel.

Too Product Centric

Too many SDRs think sales is about their company and their product when it’s really about the prospect’s company and their problems.

If you have a solid product then you shouldn’t need to shove it in the faces of your prospects.

Again, your prospects are overwhelmed with products to choose from. Make yourself stand out by focusing on the problem you can solve instead of the product you offer.

Mattia Schaper’s 3 Proven Strategies to Triple Your Meetings Booked

1. Use personal branding as personal development

Personal branding is a form of personal development. How much do people trust you? What do people say about you when you’re not in the room? Why should a prospect choose your product over a competitor?


Have a little therapy session with yourself and answer these questions. Then ensure you put your best face forward by optimizing your LinkedIn profile before posting content.

Personal branding is all about making personal connections. Take time to grow your network with relevant contacts. Connect and build relationships. This in turn builds your brand and will result in referrals.


When it comes to posting content, you’ll see many people saying it’s important to be always active and posting every day. This isn’t necessarily true. Consistency and quality are much more important than quantity.


If you aim too high, you won’t be able to sustain it in the long term and your posting frequency will quickly come to a halt. 


3 or 4 times can be enough. Choose to post at a frequency that is sustainable for you.

Mattia has been posting content like you see below 2 or 3 times per week, but consistently.

2. Become a problem expert

This ties back to the challenge Mattia and David discussed about avoiding being too product-centric. If you’re only posting about your product, your engagement will be low. Talk about the problem instead and you’ll see metrics grow.


Equally, social selling is not the only purpose of LinkedIn. It’s also the best place for you to stay up-to-date with your industry. So craft your timeline and find influential people in your sphere who are posting genuinely boundary-pushing and valuable content related to your industry.


Mattia’s top tips for becoming a problem expert.


  • Surround yourself with the content that your prospects are seeing.
  • Listen to the same podcasts your customers listen to and follow the same people on social.
  • Don’t ask what features they are using, ask them about the problem.
  • Approach the prospect with a ‘them’ focus. 

Mattia especially recommends reading Gap-Selling by Keenan to help here.

3. Invest time in human-to-human connection

“You don’t need to prospect 200 people per day – you just need to prospect a few with the right messaging.”


We won’t stop repeating it: Quality is more important than quantity!


Mattia described it as “super super super important” to use tools that save you time on manual tasks. Now that tech and automation have taken such a prominent stage in today’s sales world, it’s super important to focus on human-to-human connection.


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use tech or automation, but they should help you to do the manual tasks so that you can concentrate on actually making human connections with your prospect.

Mattia says she often sees people trying to take shortcuts by sending thousands of InMails with an automation tool – this is not social selling.


Focusing on a small number of prospects each day, but ensuring maximum quality of outreach, leads to better results than low-quality, automated outreach.


She gave us her stats: During one month, Mattia only targeted 15 prospects per day but booked 59 meetings by the end of the month. That’s less prospecting but more meetings booked than the average SDR.


Her tactic? Voice notes. 


Voice notes are a nice way to focus your time because they show you are human. This is the time you need to put into your prospecting activities. It’s not automation and so you’re not doing it on mass but it makes you stand out from the crowds of lame automated emails.


If you look at your outreach now and realize you’re not personalizing and not working on your branding, then this is the time to rethink your LinkedIn strategy.

Let’s wrap it up!

Mattia is a titan of social selling on LinkedIn. With years of experience under the belt and sales figures to back it up, the strategies she recommends are proven to triple meetings booked. The best part? Nothing is stopping you from applying these strategies right now.

Use personal branding as personal development, become a problem expert, and focus your time on human-to-human connection, and watch the metrics rise.

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