Connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot Cleans Your CRM by 40%

Connecting LinkedIn To HubSpot Cleans Your CRM By 40
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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CRM data decay is a problem.

30-40% of data becomes outdated each year and having inaccurate data in your CRM can lead to a 10% annual revenue loss.

All the data you need for your B2B prospecting is readily available in LinkedIn but manually entering this into the CRM takes a lot of time and still results in human error.

Connecting your HubSpot CRM to LinkedIn so that the data is automatically updated can save each BDR and SDR more than 3 hours per week and increase revenue by 10%.

Key highlights

Understanding the LinkedIn to HubSpot Integration

By connecting LinkedIn to Hubspot, sales teams can better target qualified prospects, add more prospects to the CRM each week, and 100% rely on the data in the CRM.

It will save you time, improve the response rate of your outreach, allow you to close more deals, and highlight you as a champion on your team

  • Prospecting: LinkedIn is the perfect place to network – all of your prospects are there. You can add contacts and transfer data into HubSpot with one click.
  • Outreach: After connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot, you can personalize outreach – helping you send the right message to the right contact at the right time. Surfe allows you to insert message templates into LinkedIn messages in one-click – it also syncs all of your conversations into your CRM.
Hubspot – Sync messages
How to sync LinkedIn conversations to HubSpot with Surfe
  • Insights: Track and learn more about your prospect’s behavior and preferences so you can target communication, crafting content that speaks to the prospect’s needs.

Anytime you reach out to someone from your network, you’re working with Hubspot directly on LinkedIn’s platform. There is no need to change tabs or browsers, no need to grab a notebook, and everything is saved automatically to your CRM. Connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot can give your team 2 days back per week.

Connect LinkedIn to HubSpot with Surfe

Connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot helped close 10,000+ leads for these companies

Top-performing sales teams globally are using Surfe to save time, improve their data accuracy, and ensure they get the right message to the right contact. Here are a few examples of the ROI these companies experienced thanks to Surfe.

Case study 1: Spendesk closed 10,500+ leads 

The ROI that Spendesk received from using Surfe is simple:

  • Sales reps saved 2.5 hours per week
  • They closed 10,500+ leads from LinkedIn prospecting
  • 100% of their CRM data is clean

“Surfe was what we needed with additional features that we could grow over time.”
-Alex Boyle, Growth Operations Manager at Spendesk

Case study 2: Batch leverages LinkedIn data and cuts prospecting time by 66%

ABM requires a deep understanding of target accounts. By using Surfe to transfer information from LinkedIn to their CRM, Batch cut their prospecting time by 66% and saved 2-3 hours each week following up on deals that were about to close.

“I used a lot of tools and for Surfe, I would recommend 10/10!”
-Axel Debreilly, Business Operations Manager at Batch

Case study 3: Qualifio saves over 100 hours monthly on data maintenance

Since using Surfe to add prospect information from LinkedIn to HubSpot, Qualifio has saved over 104 hours. It also meant all their leads and conversions were automatically recorded in the CRM meaning greater focus on the act of selling.

“Having Surfe to ensure all activities done on LinkedIn are recorded in the CRM”
Antoine Le Sage, Head of Sales


Best Practices for Maximizing Integration Benefits

To get more from the integration of LinkedIn to HubSpot, sales teams can follow these best practices:

100% Data Cleanliness 

Surfe regularly scans all of the contacts in your CRM, and when there are discrepancies, Surfe alerts you so you can keep your CRM data updated 100% of the time. 

Surfe’s Contact Updates feature is critical in maintaining accurate and reliable data by eliminating errors and duplicate entries when transferring information from LinkedIn to HubSpot.

When your contacts change company, role, or location, the data in your CRM can be changed too.

Improve Outreach Response Rates By 5x 

Increase your LinkedIn message response rates with customizable personalized templates

The integration of LinkedIn to HubSpot lets you improve outreach efforts with message templates that can be personalized using variable placeholders. Whether wanting to write an intro message or invite prospects to an event, you can do so in one click with a LinkedIn message template.

After installing the Surfe plugin, a blue templates button will appear at the bottom of your message window. Select the template you want and insert it right into the chat.

Let’s wrap it up!

Connecting LinkedIn to Hubspot is a great way to improve the data accuracy of your CRM, allowing you to focus more on selling and enhancing your bottom line rather than wasting hours each week on data management.

Since data decay can be as high as 30% yearly, it’s essential to be sure your information is always updated.

Nurture your relationship with leads while Surfe does the grunt work for you.


Connect LinkedIn to HubSpot with the Surfe Chrome extension

Automatically transfer LinkedIn data to your CRM, find the email addresses of your contacts, send message templates, and much more to streamline your prospecting with Surfe