Spendesk utilizes Surfe to ensure that data remains standardized and accurate within the CRM

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Axel Boye, Growth Operations Manager at Spendesk 02

Surfe was what we needed with additional features that we could grow over time.

Axel Boyle

Spending at work has become too complex and bureaucratic for most businesses. Unclear spending policies, archaic approval processes, and manual expense reports mean businesses waste countless hours on every single transaction. Not to mention the time spent by finance teams to chase receipts and budget approvals.

All of this costs teams valuable time, and holds companies back from reaching their full potential.

Spendesk is a French unicorn that sets a new standard for company spend management by decentralizing the spending process while centralizing control. The platform is designed to liberate financial teams and employees with 100% spend visibility.

Spendesk provides smart corporate cards, invoice payments, expense reimbursements, approvals, budgets, reporting, compliance, and pre-accounting in one simple, scalable solution. On top of that, the spending solution saves time and money while creating a healthy spend culture.

We sat down with Axel Boye, Growth Operations Manager at Spendesk, to better understand how Surfe helps the team to keep CRM data standardized while scaling, and removes the friction from LinkedIn prospecting.

Challenge 1: Finding a smart and scalable prospecting tool for the entire team

Prior to switching to Surfe, Spendesk utilized a tool that was built in-house to perform similar functionalities. While the tool allowed the team to see LinkedIn contacts that already existed in Salesforce, it required maintenance and wasn’t scalable, ultimately creating a bottleneck in the process.

As the sales team expanded, Axel was looking for an alternative, stable tool that would connect LinkedIn with Salesforce.


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Solution 1: Surfe expedites the lead sourcing process on LinkedIn

With Surfe, lead sourcing and prospecting instantly became easier and more efficient. Since the bridge between LinkedIn and Salesforce is built by Surfe, BDRs no longer need to create CRM records one by one.

The sales team now saves up to 2.5h per week, per user – allowing Spendesk to allocate more time towards prospecting. Surfe also makes it easy to spot profiles that are already inside the CRM so that BDRs can focus on targeting new prospects.

Challenge 2: Maintaining agility and data clarity as the team grows

As the Spendesk sales team started growing, Axel’s biggest concern was keeping the CRM well-structured and organized.

To make sure all of the information in Salesforce was accurate, he wanted to set standards for data entry without having to rely on third parties to do so. He also sought a prospecting tool that could adapt to Spendesk’s needs over time and be implemented easily.

‍Solution 2: Surfe sets a new standard in terms of CRM data accuracy

With Surfe, Spendesk can easily set guidelines by mapping custom fields in Salesforce using the CRM overlay on LinkedIn.

Surfe also takes care of adding the correct data into relevant CRM fields, so BDRs only have to click the “Add to CRM” button for a contact’s information to be transferred. This minimizes human error and confirms data consistency and clarity across the board.

Axel shared that he appreciates Surfe’s flexibility, given that all of the internal settings can easily be customized, changed, and configured without a dedicated specialist or developer. This also makes the process scalable which perfectly suits Spendesk’s growing team. 


In fact, Spendesk is even planning to introduce conversation synchronization into their sales flow to amp up their LinkedIn prospecting. Thanks to Surfe, all of their previous tools are now consolidated into a single one – taking time, stress, and error out of the equation.


ROI for Spendesk:

  • 2.5h saved per week, per BDR
  • 10,500+ leads have been added to Salesforce with a single click
  • 100% data accuracy
  • A customizable & agile solution for prospecting and CRM maintenance