See how Sastrify connects enrichment tools with HubSpot & LinkedIn via Surfe’s API, powering sales

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Sastrify powers their sales strategy by connecting enrichment tools with HubSpot & LinkedIn via Surfe’s API

As SaaS tools are becoming a staple for any digital team, finding the right ones, comparing pricing plans, and managing subscriptions can easily turn into a full-time job. To spare companies the time and effort and allow them to focus on business activities, Sastrify has created a platform that automates all these repetitive processes.

Sastrify’s one stop shop allows their clients to purchase SaaS tools for the best price on the market and helps optimize and manage software contracts.


We sat down with Stefan Mersch, Revenue Operations Manager, to discover how Surfe helps Sastrify’s team optimize their workflow and secure more clients.

Challenge 1: Adding leads and enriching contact information with fragmented tools is time-consuming

Prior to implementing Surfe’s, Sastrify found prospecting on LinkedIn to be a lengthy process with plenty of manual actions involved. Sourcing prospects and creating their profiles inside of the CRM involved a lot of tab-switching and data entry.

On top of this, finding validated professional phone numbers or email addresses took quite some time since contact enrichment tools had to be used separately.

Solution 1: Surfe connects Lusha, Skrapp, and with HubSpot and LinkedIn.

Surfe lets Sastrify add companies and contacts to the CRM directly from the LinkedIn interface.

The team has also gained clear visibility of the information that is already inside of the CRM while browsing on LinkedIn, since it’s highlighted in blue.

Sastrify can now take advantage of Surfe’s Lusha,, and Skrapp integrations with LinkedIn and HubSpot through an API, while also benefiting from DropContact being built within the tool.

Challenge 2: Manual and admin processes lengthen the Account-based selling workflow

Sastrify’s team works in an Account Based Sales structure that has proven to generate more clients.

While they make use of HubSpot sequences, SDRs and Account Executives still have to create and assign tasks related to their activity on LinkedIn such as sending connection requests and following-up, and then execute. Paired with personalized outreach and propositions, Sastrify’s workflow efficiency was hampered by these additional admin CRM tasks.

Solution 2: Lead management is simplified with added efficiency from Surfe

Surfe has prevented Sastrify’s team from creating and assigning additional tasks inside HubSpot that brought in low value. Sales reps no longer have to remind themselves about connecting to people or sending out follow-ups, as it can be done directly from LinkedIn.

On top of that, the message template feature has become the team’s best friend when it comes to personalized and targeted messages for different target markets and personas – with the added bonus of saving time.

Since all conversations can be synchronized in HubSpot, the need to manually record every interaction has been eliminated.

ROI for Sastrify

  • 137h+ saved each month on manual data entry
  • 3750+ leads added to HubSpot
  • 2860+ contacts enriched via API and Dropcontact
  • All contact enrichment tools integrated in one place
  • Less LinkedIn-related tasks created for sales reps in HubSpot
  • Increased efficiency thanks to message templates

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