See how Surfe allows OpenClassrooms to add new LinkedIn prospects to their CRM – fully enriched in 1 click


Surfe allows us to add new LinkedIn prospects to our CRM – fully enriched in 1 click

Pierre Lechelle, B2B Growth Marketing

OpenClassrooms is a France-based Ed-Tech company whose mission is to make education accessible. It helps businesses with recruiting and training talent.

Ideal business customers for OpenClassrooms are companies who value development and continual improvement of their employees. B2B sales teams within OpenClassrooms have the goal of showing corporations how their employees can benefit from learning new sets of skills and thus how OpenClassrooms is the perfect platform for teaching employees new techniques, technologies, skills and processes for breaking down existing silos.

OpenClassrooms believes fiercely in its product, and has seen a great success rate from those who have used it. In fact, they feel so strongly that learning and development is so central to improving oneself that they have a money-back guarantee if a client is unable to find a new job in 6 months.

We sat down with Pierre Lechelle, B2B Growth Marketing, from OpenClassrooms to discuss how implementing Surfe’s sales solutions have saved OpenClassrooms’ business development representatives (BDRs) valuable time in finding clients.

Challenge: Prospecting clients is time consuming 

OpenClassrooms has relied on LinkedIn, like 80% of all companies, to find contacts and potential clients. The online networking platform is the most-used in the world and represents the best opportunity to turn a contact into a client.

However, on top of being in almost-constant contact with clients on LinkedIn, OpenClassrooms’ BDRs were each spending about 5 hours every week inputting data manually from their LinkedIn contacts’ pages to the Salesforce database.

In addition to being needlessly time-consuming, this kind of monotonous task wasn’t enjoyable for BDRs, and in fact many of them believed these hours of copying and pasting information to be a waste of valuable time that didn’t add value to the company’s mission.

Instead of spending these hours manually copying and pasting contact information, BDRs would much rather allocate that time to prospecting more clients or closing more deals with a few additional clients weekly.

Solution: Surfe’s time-saving features

At first Pierre discovered Surfe through a contact who highly recommended the service. After a trial, he found it incredibly easy to transfer a prospect’s information like their name, job title, email address, company name and conversation history into Salesforce.

His initial thoughts were confirmed once Surfe was rolled out to the rest of the team. They all found it very easy to use, thanks to the ability to transfer information into the CRM in just 1 click, eliminating the possibility of human error that comes with placing information into the wrong fields or from simple typos.

Even better, Surfe was installed in 5 minutes or less and doesn’t require any extra training on the part of the BDRs. Having raised $80 million recently, open classrooms have been growing fast which also translates into the increase in the number of salespeople. Surfe simple installation is very well-appreciated as every time they have a new sales rep, they could invite them just as easily and no training is required as the product is very straightforward.

Eliminating the need to spend valuable time copying and pasting information manually has resulted in 0 prospect losses for OpenClassrooms’ team of BDRs, increasing the chances they make more sales.

ROI of implementing Surfe’s 1-click solutions

BDRs are pleased using Surfe as it saves them from several hours of monotonous work each week and allows them to be more productive. Now, with several hours freed up every week, OpenClassrooms’ BDRs are able to spend time on more valuable tasks that require human interaction, namely: client negotiation.

The simplicity of adding prospects and synchronizing conversations with just 1 click helped them add more prospects to their CRM and move clients down the pipeline more quickly, ultimately allowing them to close more deals.

Finally, eliminating the need to constantly switch tabs and windows while inputting data allows each BDR to stay focused and eliminates in-the-moment frustrations — an intangible benefit that allows them to more effectively complete their sales tasks.

Maximize your BDR’s potential by letting them focus on selling rather than on manual data entry: Book a demo or sign up for your free, 14-day trial with Surfe today.

OpenClassrooms believes in the power of learning. For businesses who are looking for a learning platform for their employees’ development, contact Pierre at [email protected]