‍Learn how MoovingON hyper-personalizes their outreach by backing all conversations in Pipedrive, saving hours of manual work


Learn how MoovingON hyper-personalizes their outreach by backing all conversations in Pipedrive, saving hours of manual work

In a perfect world, a start-up would be 100% self-sufficient in all operations, but in reality – companies are focused on developing their product, getting their first customers, and scaling their marketing. This means they may not necessarily have the operational or technological capacity to manage their technical availability around the clock, but this is where MoovingON comes into play. 

MoovingON is a solutions company that combines technology and services to help start-ups and scale-ups manage their cloud availability 24/7. Their mission is to empower SaaS companies with constant technical backup from a team of qualified NOC, SRE, and DevOps engineers so that clients have the time to focus on growing the business, perfecting the product, and improving the customer experience.

Asaf Matyas, VP of Sales & Marketing at MoovingON shared with us how Surfe has helped them to streamline their prospecting process.

Challenge 1: Manually documenting LinkedIn communications in Pipedrive took way too much time and effort

MoovingON operates in a vibrant and thriving Israeli tech ecosystem which allows their brand to naturally flourish. With the ambition to sustain growth and international expansion, MoovingON has built their acquisition strategy around prospecting on LinkedIn.

A team of SDRs uses LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to source potential companies and within those – potential personas. Acknowledging the power of LinkedIn as a communication and collaboration platform, they strive to make connections and build relationships with prospects.

Sales reps also collect valuable information about their target companies by talking to other representatives, allowing them to hyper-personalize outreach to top level management that matches their personas.


The only pitfall was that all conversations and information from LinkedIn had to be recorded in the CRM manually, which took an extensive amount of time.

Solution 1: Surfe automatically backs all conversations to Pipedrive

As MoovingON’s team started using Surfe to synchronize LinkedIn conversations with Pipedrive, they were able to eliminate hours of tedious work and dedicate more time towards engaging in valuable conversations.

With Surfe, there is no point of failure in the capturing of information and the team is completely aware of all the interactions that have taken place.

“Surfe is one of the most critical tools in our stack”, – Asaf shared.

Challenge 2: Operational efficiency and brand reputation were threatened by manual data input errors and a cluttered workflow

MoovingON has built a prominent brand in their industry and is looking to grow and expand their customer base while maintaining impeccable communications and service. That’s why it was vital to eliminate any overlap in sales rep’s activity that could lead to awkward and unprofessional situations.

MoovingON hinges on personalization, which means that on top of finding unique approaches to prospects and customizing their outreach, SDRs typically spend a lot of time creating companies, contacts, and deals in Pipedrive. Manual data entry and verification hampered a smooth outreach cadence, risking taking away the focus from interactions with clients.

Solution 2: Surfe fosters outreach personalization, professionalism, and team alignment while also saving time

Since implementing Surfe, MoovingON can easily create contacts and deals directly from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile in just one-click. The team can also invest the time that is being saved into personalization, increasing the success rate of their outreach and fostering tighter connections with their personas.

Surfe has instilled clarity in the MoovingON sales team by highlighting all existing CRM contacts in blue on LinkedIn. This feature has helped sales reps to eliminate double contacting prospects and annoying leads with irrelevant propositions.

ROI for MoovingON

  • 118h+ saved each month on manual data entry

  • 1860+ conversations synced with Pipedrive

  • 90+ deals updated directly from LinkedIn

  • Ensured data accuracy and elimination of human error

  • An increase in sales efficiency and outreach professionalism

  • Greater operational clarity among sales teammates

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