Read how PlayPlay improved their sales workflow & increased transaction clarity, building deeper client relationships

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Studies have shown that viewers tend to retain 95% of messages that are relayed by video versus only 10% of those that are read. For this reason, videos are gaining momentum and already account for nearly 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Businesses have recognized the power of video and are now looking for ways to integrate visual content into their marketing and brand strategies.

PlayPlay is an online video creation solution that enables communication teams to turn any message into a compelling video. With PlayPlay, your message is guaranteed to get across – no matter what it is that you have to say.

Naturally, information becomes easier to retain, explanations are more convincing, brand storytelling is more captivating, and organizations are more human and engaging as a result.

Created in 2017, PlayPlay serves over 1500 companies across 15 countries by helping them generate on-brand video content that encompasses everything from news and event announcements to recruitment ads and more. In fact, PlayPlay even offers a free content generator that will give you unique video ideas based on pre-selected criteria that are relevant to your mission.

We talked to Isabella Tasiopoulou, International Account Executive at PlayPlay to understand how their team has integrated Surfe as part of their Sales process.

Challenge 1: Some manual processes made the sales process cumbersome

PlayPlay’s sales and outbound teams utilize different CRMs to operate. This meant that some manual processes were required to fill up both CRMs and keep the data clean.

On top of this, the sales team was looking for data enrichment opportunities.

Isabella was looking to improve the sales flow by increasing time-efficiency. She wanted to help BDRs save time and energy when building their prospect lists and ensure that they were able to reach their prospects quickly to avoid missing out on any opportunities.

Solution 1: Improving the sales workflow by using Surfe to sync SalesNav with the CRMs

When Isabella came across Surfe while benchmarking, she immediately knew she wanted to give the tool a try:

“ Surfe sparked my curiosity immediately for its multidimensional functionalities while maintaining personalization and giving better visibility.”

By implementing Surfe, sales teams were able to enhance LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Data enrichment providers while synchronizing everything to their CRMs . Surfe eliminates all of the manual processes that were previously required to connect multiple platforms, making sure that no data is lost while also saving precious time.


Surfe list export feature helps PlayPlay’s sales teams to transfer lists of prospects from Sales Navigator to the CRM in no time. Surfe also ensures that PlayPlay’s data archives are always up to date by automating profile updates in the CRM.

Challenge 2: Looking for better transaction visibility and personalized automation

PlayPlay’s difficulty tracking touchpoints and visibility between transactions on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator made their complex sales flow a little difficult to follow.

Isabella wanted to improve the tracking of touchpoints and visibility between transactions on LinkedIn as well as looking for a way to introduce personalized automation for prospecting and social selling on LinkedIn.

She shared that she wanted to make sure they maintained balance between a human sales approach and automation to boost efficiency on mundane tasks while retaining their human to human touch.

Solution 2: Surfe helps foster deeper relationships with prospects and brings clarity to sales transactions

By connecting Sales Navigator with their CRM , PlayPlay has gained clarity during LinkedIn prospection. All existing CRM contacts are highlighted in blue on LinkedIn, contacts and deals can be assigned owners, and deal stages are clearly visible at the top of prospects’ profiles on LinkedIn. 

 “Surfe really helps us have CRM visibility on prospecting and transactions directly on Sales Navigator” – Isabella pointed out.

PlayPlay can now follow all of the different touch points and invest more time into building meaningful relationships with their clients. Surfe’s message template feature also saves the team plenty of time without eliminating the human aspect of outreach and communication.