Product updates: Better notes, SalesNav Export, Company Deals

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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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🆕 Better Notes design & UX 

We completely revamped our Note taking experience, so you can better leverage the Surfe environment to better qualify leads and take better notes of your calls, in a fresh and comfy way, right from where you need them the most.

Get an overview of all Notes related to a Contact in a side panel, quickly add Notes on the go:

Product update example

Or open the “full focus” view, to access a rich and hassle-free Note taking experience. All synced with your CRM in real-time.

Company deals

🆕 Support SalesNav Search page export (Pro) 

Surfe extends its List Export support to the Search page. Leverage SalesNav’s powerful filtering capabilities to target and short-list the right leads for your business. Export the most relevant profiles to your CRM in no time.

Product update example

🆕 Link activities to Deal & Company 

Up until this new release, Surfe only allowed you to create a new Deal from a Contact. You can now add a new Deals linked to a Company, and view all Deals related to the Contact’s Company from the Contact’s own LinkedIn profile, not to miss any relevant information.

In addition, you can now attach a Contact to an existing Deal, simply by searching for this Deal by name, as demonstrated below:

Product update example

🆕 Change Contact owner from LinkedIn 

You can now change a Contact’s owner directly from the Surfe panel in LinkedIn. No need to switch back to your CRM to transfer leads to your teammates!

Product update example

🆕 Filter Salesloft cadences by name & team 

Adding anyone to a Salesloft cadence from LinkedIn in one click is quite a time saver already. But we improved the experience even further, by allowing you to filter the cadences by name to find the one you’re looking for in a split second. Surfe also shows user defined cadences first, team cadences last.

Product update example

Bug fixes

  • Render conversation timestamps based on user’s location
  • Fix Surfe unable to work alongside some third-party extensions
  • Fix highlighting on SalesNav