Product updates: Automatically update contacts, HubSpot ebook, ISO 27001 certification.

Surfe product update June 2023
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Summer is upon us, the solstice is behind us, and the Surfe team has been busy improving our product to make it as powerful as possible to be able to facilitate your sales mission. Over the next weeks, we have a lot of updates coming your way so make sure you keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on your inbox to be the first to hear about our new features and updates. But first, let’s take a look at what’s new over the past few weeks.

Contact updates

The biggest change this month comes in the form of our Contact Updates feature. Veteran Surfe users will be familiar with our Job Change Notifications feature. Contact Updates takes this to the next level and ensure that all of the data in your CRM is up-to-date. When a LinkedIn user gets a new job and changes their job title or company, it’s important to mark this change in your CRM so your information isn’t behind when you reach out to them. Our fresh Contact Updates feature scans your CRM and compares the data to the relevant LinkedIn profile, providing you with a list of contacts that need updating.

Automatically update contacts in CRM

Your sales performance increases when the data in your CRM is clean

Social selling ebook for our German Surfers 🇩🇪

Last month, we partnered with HubSpot DACH to bring our German speaking Surfers the ultimate guide to social selling. Featuring over 100 pages of tips, tricks, and social selling hacks, with insight from industry leading thought-leaders and the best in the business. It’s totally free, no strings attached, for everyone – we’re big advocates of social selling.

social selling ebook

100 pages to make you a social selling expert, level up your sales game, and close more deals.

We got ISO certified 🥳

This has been a long time coming for the team. An ISO 27001 certification is awarded when a business conforms to the highest of information security standards. It means we have proven to follow strict regulations, that we have established frameworks for managing data, and that we have processes in place for regularly reviewing our data practices. For Surfers, it means you can have full faith in our handling and processing of your data and that of the contacts in your CRM.