Product updates: news for HubSpot users and getting ready for AI

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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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We’re always working hard to give you the best user experience possible, and we’re always coming up with new and exciting ideas to make that a reality! 💪🏼

Today, we are announcing a cool improvement that has been requested a lot, a LinkedIn-HubSpot update, and a short tease about our upcoming AI feature!

Our cascading enrichment just got better! 🪄

In our continuous efforts to improve the data accuracy and make it easier for you to get your job done, we announce a new improvement!

Finally, you can now choose the order of the enrichment tools you want to look up contact details from the dashboard.

So now you can control exactly how you want cascading enrichment to work!

Product update with cascade order

LinkedIn conversations will now be synced as “LinkedIn Messages” in HubSpot 🔄

update for HubSpot users

LinkedIn conversations will be synced as “LinkedIn Messages” instead of “Emails” or “Notes” inside HubSpot. This change will make it clearer and easier to distinguish this type of activity in HubSpot.

All previously synced messages will not be touched, only new or not yet synced messages will get assigned as “LinkedIn Messages.

Beep…bop..AI is coming soon! Are you ready? 🤖

Surfe AI

We are working on some new AI-powered features to enhance your experience with Surfe.

Text correction? Conversation intelligence? outreach templates enhancement? you name it, we are working on it!

We are very excited about this, and we think you should be too!

More info very soon, stay tuned!