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How to choose the best Salesforce Extension for Chrome
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Jack Bowerman
by Jack Bowerman

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Salesforce, a pioneering force in the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), has been instrumental in transforming how businesses interact with their customers – sometimes even through a Salesforce extension for Chrome. This dynamic platform has significantly influenced sales, service, marketing, and beyond, enabling companies to connect with their clients like never before and streamline their business processes.


Now, imagine enhancing its power through a Salesforce extension for Chrome. A Salesforce extension for Chrome is designed to further augment your productivity by providing an array of tools right in your browser. These tools range from CRM integration, data synchronization, personalized messaging templates, and even email enrichment. With a Salesforce extension for Chrome, mundane tasks are automated, information is more accessible, and efficiency is noticeably improved, leading to saved time and increased sales performance.


However, the key to truly unlocking these benefits lies in choosing the right Salesforce extension for Chrome. In a market teeming with options, it is essential to select an extension that not only meets your specific needs but also integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow. As each extension comes with its unique set of features, your choice can make a world of difference in leveraging the full potential of Salesforce. Join us as we explore the top 10 Salesforce Chrome extensions and find the perfect Salesforce extension for Chrome for you.

Salesforce Extension for Chrome: What and Why?

A Salesforce extension for Chrome is the quintessential bridge that merges the strength of Salesforce with the convenience of your Chrome browser. They are essentially plug-ins that you can add to your Chrome browser, acting as quick-access tools that can enhance your CRM experience directly from the web interface. These extensions aim to boost Salesforce’s functionality and improve user experience, eliminating the need for you to switch between multiple tabs or applications. Whether it’s tracking client communications, managing Salesforce leads, or personalizing emails, a Salesforce extension for Chrome has got you covered.


The importance of using a Salesforce extension for Chrome for businesses cannot be overstated. They bring a new level of efficiency to the sales and customer relationship process. By automating various manual tasks, they save valuable time that can be invested in pursuing leads and closing deals. The benefits span across improved productivity, quicker access to Salesforce features, seamless integration of data, and enhanced personalization. Consequently, businesses can provide a better customer experience, maintain more accurate records, and increase their overall profitability.

Importance of CRM Integration in Chrome Extensions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration is the process of synchronizing your CRM system with other applications, tools, or plugins. The aim is to create a more connected, efficient, and unified workspace. With a LinkedIn for Salesforce Chrome extension, this means linking your Salesforce CRM with your browser for seamless data transfer and access. The extension acts as a middleman, helping you to engage with the CRM’s data and functions directly from your Chrome interface. This interconnected setup eliminates the need for constant back-and-forths between different applications, enabling you to perform Salesforce-related tasks right within your browser.


The benefits of a CRM integration with a Salesforce extension for Chrome are manifold. Firstly, it improves efficiency by reducing the time and effort spent on switching between different tools. Secondly, it allows for real-time updates and data accessibility, ensuring that your Salesforce records remain accurate and up-to-date. Thirdly, by simplifying and automating tasks, it helps increase productivity and gives sales teams more time to focus on their primary responsibilities. Finally, with immediate access to client data, sales representatives can tailor their communication and strategies, resulting in improved customer relations and potentially higher sales.


Now that we have a grasp of the importance of CRM integration and its benefits, it’s time to delve into the specifics.

Top 10 Salesforce extension for Chrome

A Salesforce extension for Chrome can dramatically boost productivity by streamlining operations, simplifying navigation, and providing more effective ways to handle data. This chapter highlights the top ten Salesforce Chrome extensions that have revolutionized the productivity game. Let’s begin with Surfe, an innovative tool that brings unprecedented functionality to the Salesforce ecosystem.


  1. Surfe ★★★★★ (33) Users: 10,000+

Surfe, a revolutionary Salesforce Chrome extension, enables seamless CRM integration, allowing you to add prospects to your Salesforce CRM directly from their LinkedIn profiles in a single click. Its unique email enrichment feature, in partnership with other tools like, Rocketreach, Dropcontact, and Hunter, finds validated, professional email addresses of LinkedIn contacts. This increases the effectiveness of personalized messaging and saves time, thereby dramatically boosting productivity.


  1. Salesforce Inspector ★★★★★ (277) Users: 400,000+

Regarded as a versatile extension for admins and developers, Salesforce Inspector overlays a metadata layout atop the standard Salesforce UI. This facilitates easy navigation, the ability to access field API names, export data, view field values not displayed on the page layout, and navigate related records and objects.


  1. Salesforce Show API Names ★★★★★ (23) Users: 30,000+

This extension displays the API field names on detail pages directly beneath the label. It works for both standard and custom fields, improving readability and saving time.


  1. ORGanizer for Salesforce ★★★★★ (230) Users: 70,000+

With the ORGanizer Chrome extension, forget the hassle of remembering usernames and passwords. Recognize tabs from various orgs on your browser, set individual labels, colors, and quick links for your orgs for effortless navigation.


  1. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher ★★★★★ (171) Users: 50,000+

This extension enables swift searches through your instance’s Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages, and more. This speed and accessibility greatly enhance the productivity of Salesforce users.


  1. Salesforce DevTools ★★★★☆ (39) Users: 50,000+

This powerhouse suite of Salesforce Developer tools, including a Query Editor, Fields Definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and more, significantly improves the productivity of Salesforce developers.


  1. Salesforce Colored Favicons ★★★★☆ (81) Users: 40,000+

A simple yet effective safeguard, this extension assigns a color to each org, allowing you to know exactly which sandbox or instance you’re in without checking the URL.


  1. Salesforce Change Set Helper ★★★★☆ (50) Users: 20,000+

A Chrome extension designed to enhance the usability of Salesforce change sets. It offers last changed date, allows sorting, searching, validation, and comparison with other orgs.


  1. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard ★★★★☆ (52) Users: 20,000+

With this extension, you can have up-to-the-second real-time dashboard information and set the auto-refresh frequency/duration, circumventing Salesforce’s default refresh restrictions.


  1. Salesforce Admin Check All ★★★★☆ (74) Users: 10,000+

This extension adds “check all” checkboxes to various checkbox lists in Salesforce Setup pages, saving administrators from manually checking each checkbox individually, thereby saving time and improving efficiency.


There you have it! These are the top 10 Salesforce Chrome extensions that can elevate your productivity to new heights.


Ranking Extension Rating Users
1 Surfe ★★★★★ (33) 10,000+
2 Salesforce Inspector ★★★★★ (277) 400,000+
3 Salesforce Show API Names ★★★★★ (23) 30,000+
4 ORGanizer for Salesforce ★★★★★ (230) 70,000+
5 Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher ★★★★★ (171) 50,000+
6 Salesforce DevTools ★★★★☆ (39) 50,000+
7 Salesforce Colored Favicons ★★★★☆ (81) 40,000+
8 Salesforce Change Set Helper ★★★★☆ (50) 20,000+
9 Enhance Salesforce Dashboard ★★★★☆ (52) 20,000+
10 Salesforce Admin Check All ★★★★☆ (74) 10,000+


A Spotlight on Surfe: The future Salesforce extension for Chrome

Among the myriad of Salesforce Chrome extensions available, Surfe stands apart as an ingenious tool that brings a fresh perspective to CRM integrations. Its seamless blend of Salesforce and LinkedIn functionalities creates a powerful synergy, redefining the way salespeople interact with their prospects and handle data.


One of the most impressive features of Surfe is its email enrichment tool. This game-changing feature, working in harmony with partners like, Rocketreach, Dropcontact, and Hunter, employs a waterfall or cascading effect to unearth the validated, professional email addresses of LinkedIn contacts. The ability to find anyone’s email address if they’re on LinkedIn allows for more personalized messaging via a highly effective channel. This, coupled with the one-click prospect adding feature and personalized message templates, empowers salespeople to enhance their outreach strategies significantly.


In conclusion, Surfe’s unique blend of intelligent design, time-saving features, and enhanced CRM integration capabilities is truly reshaping the future of Salesforce Chrome extensions. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Why not give Surfe a try and experience the transformative power of this tool firsthand? Amplify your sales operations and elevate your Salesforce experience to new heights with Surfe!

In this article, we’ve journeyed through the diverse world of Salesforce Chrome extensions, shining a light on how they can revolutionize your CRM experience. From improving productivity and enhancing user experience to pioneering CRM integration with LinkedIn via Surfe, these extensions can take your Salesforce experience to unprecedented heights.


However, every business is unique and so are its needs. Therefore, we encourage you to explore these extensions and experiment with their functionalities. Whether it’s Surfe’s seamless integration, Salesforce Inspector’s efficiency, or Salesforce DevTools’ power-packed features, there’s an extension out there that’s just the perfect fit for your needs. Embark on your journey of exploration today!