See how Surfe helped Movitext with logging time as well as to have full visibility into the team’s outreach and activity


We do not only have our logging time; we also have full visibility into the team’s outreach and activity

Luis Gustavo Flores, Senior Sales Development Manager

Movitext is an A2P SMS aggregator focused in quality direct routes in Central America. They provide a complete platform service to send high-quality SMS communication to clients. Movitext’s network covers 18 carriers in 6 countries. It became a regional leader with more than 100 heavyweight clients from IT, Banking, Retail, Automotive, Telecommunications and Education industries such as Hyundai, Honda and PepsiCo. Movitext and its sales team faced two evolving sourcing efficiency challenges and contacted Surfe. Movitext has collected several thousands of CRM contacts over the years, many of which are now outdated. Updating the records manually would take several years and would require the hiring of dozens of sourcers. Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s also risky and mistakes are not easy to fix. Movitext was first looking to automate data entry and lead capturing so that no more contact information had to be added manually. The second challenge for Movitext’s sales team was to automatically update thousands of CRM entries for some of the most difficult to find leads. By choosing to integrate their CRM with the Surfe software, Movitext’s sales team was able to save significant time and effort while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction across the board. Continue reading to see what Surfe has to offer.

Using Surfe to add, enrich and automatically update your leads in HubSpot CRM

Sales teams are the growth engine and the lifeblood of every company but if there’s anything that can make your normally enthusiastic teams groan, it’s the thought of manual data entry. A notable 72% of salespeople spend up to 60 minutes per day on data entry (that’s a whopping 260 hours a year), while a HubSpot report found more than 20% of sales pros named manual data entry as their greatest customer relationship management (CRM) challenge. As a sales leader managing the team that most directly impacts company revenue, you know the importance of lean efficiency. The more manual data entry that’s involved with your CRM, the less satisfied both your sales and marketing teams are likely to be with the entire system.

It’s just so tedious and time-consuming!

The solution is an integration as a service like what Surfe offers. It involves using a simple browser extension that allows your CRM to connect to LinkedIn so that contact information can be shared, synchronized, and updated when needed.

This takes the trying task of manual data updates away from your teams so they can spend their time on more important things – like nurturing leads, closing sales and building client relationships.

The risk of managing your CRM manually

Without a Surfe integration in place, moving data between LinkedIn and HubSpot CRM is a time-consuming process. Any new leads and data that come into one system must be manually exported out of that system and imported into the other. This introduces a myriad of risks that come with manual data updates.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent.

If employees aren’t careful, they consistently run the risk of overwriting important data during the import phase. Manually transferring data between LinkedIn and your HubSpot CRM can likewise result in corruption, missing datasets and the ongoing risk of human error. If data is deleted or data is corrupted, reverting it back is no easy task. Even the most careful employees may occasionally make mistakes, and those mistakes can be costly. Whereas a Surfe CRM integration can remove the chance of mistakes through automation.

How CRM integration changes the game

By integrating Surfe with your CRM, you can enjoy automatic synchronization of information. In addition to saving a notable amount of your employees’ time, this also improves the overall quality of your data, eliminating many, if not all of the risks mentioned above. Furthermore, with a Surfe integration, you usually have full control over which data you wish to synchronize. You can either sync all newly-found LinkedIn leads and messages or you can determine which messages you specifically do or do not want in your CRM.

This removes the risk of accidental overwriting while ensuring only your chosen data is moved from one system to the other.

What data can sync with integration

Surfe understands the importance of syncing LinkedIn with your CRM. Surfe sits on top of LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the unparalleled leads database. It automatically creates records for each prospect you want to save, serves up email addresses and phone numbers so you can contact them directly, and lets you one-click upload their profiles into your CRM. This automation means 4x faster sourcing. If a field is not listed or mapped, it does not sync. This gives the user full control and high confidence in the data syncing with the CRM. The data you can sync includes pre-configured standard property fields offered by HubSpot, along with provisions for custom property fields within each option. Standard property fields allow you to sync the available LinkedIn data with HubSpot while custom property fields allow you to sync any custom data needed to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Here are examples of those standard properties:

Contacts: Contacts can be automatically added from their LinkedIn profile to your HubSpot database. Surfe creates and enriches a new lead in your CRM with all the key information pre-filled – name, job title, company’s name, phone numbers and even qualified email address. Contacts in your CRM are then automatically displayed on LinkedIn.

Deals: In HubSpot, “deals” are sales opportunities that are associated with contacts in your database. With Surfe, you can log records as “deals” from LinkedIn and sync them to your CRM, while deals created in your CRM can sync back to LinkedIn.

Engagements: Engagements are sales activities, such as in-mails, tasks, notes and conversations associated with a contact. This activity history is essential for your sales and marketing team and we display both in LinkedIn and your CRM.

Companies: Companies are the parents of contacts, and HubSpot creates them automatically based on the email domains of your contacts. Surfe then enriches the company’s information with LinkedIn data. Associating contacts with companies lets you learn more about their business’s challenges and interests while determining how you can most effectively serve their individual and company needs.

Owners: If your contact or company records areas signed to any of your HubSpot users, owner information can also sync between your two systems. While the above list outlines the most common features, Surfe also shows the lifecycle stage and last activity. It’s also possible to sync custom entities such as LinkedIn URL, activities, and more.

Overall, sharing this kind of information between LinkedIn and your CRM allows the sales and marketing teams to align on shared goals.

With Surfe’s CRM auto-updates nothing get’s outdated, once it’s set you can forget about manual data entry

Luis Gustavo Flores, Senior Sales Development Manager at Movitext, and his sales team faced two evolving challenges in terms of procurement efficiency and sought help from Surfe.

At all levels, Surfe has really come through for us. It was the ease of getting a prospect into our CRM system throughout LinkedIn. With Surfe, we upload prospects into our CRM with a single click, and sourcers can immediately see the whole history of that person’s interactions with our team: who’s owner, who reached out, what messages were exchanged and other actions taken on a lead. All information is displayed in both, on LinkedIn and in the CRM, so nothing gets lost.

The team was thrilled with that visibility because it not only tells them who they can reach out to, it also gives context to their outreach.

We’re saving more leads and sending out more messages; we’re being more consistent. We eliminated the email-finding tool we’d been paying for and streamlined two tools into one. Surfe is fully ingrained into our workflow now. It allows us to stay on LinkedIn as it looks and feels like a LinkedIn product. We don’t need to switch between 2-5 platforms anymore.

Surfe was a big win for the individual salespeople because it automates most of the manual work that goes into sourcing. Across the Movitext sales team, Surfe saves 30 hours per week, equivalent to hiring 1 additional full time sourcer. Luis Gustavo says: “Our growing sales team is now half a dozen of people, and all of them are Surfe power-users.” So what starts as shaving off a few minutes here or there eventually becomes saving the equivalent of a handful of full-time resourcers.

Our productivity drastically increased once our salespeople started using Surfe. They save 60 minutes per day by automating lead capturing and data entry. With automatic CRM updates, we no longer have to worry about contact information or emails ever being out of date.

But Surfe offers more than time-savings. When Movitext contacted us, the process was inefficient and would create more obstacles down the line. Movitext needed a way to help the sales team increase their engagement time, improve workflow efficiency, and retrieve the necessary sales history and updated contact information.

As we started diving into the auto-update feature, one of the coolest things was that our CRM get’s updated automatically, meaning e.g. once a prospect changes his job, we have it in our logs. Surfe recognizes this change in real-time and update the CRM records automatically. Moreover, they send us weekly reports to keep track of the changes.

Movitext has collected several thousand CRM contacts over the years, where updating records would require several years and the hiring of dozens of sourcers. We saw an enormous advantage especially in the outreach campaigns: Movitext had a bounce rate of 2,500 emails per month. By having Surfe update old records and provide Movitext with the new and correct email (97% success rate, GDPR compliant), this number of bounces has been significantly reduced below 1,000. This leads to a higher reach in email campaigns and results in more sales opportunities.

Getting into Surfe meant having all within the same platform – LinkedIn.

You keep living on LinkedIn; you only need one open window; and with Surfe you can add leads and enrich information from someone’s profile without ever leaving the platform. You save a tremendous amount of time and energy. With other solutions, you have to leave the profile to manually do the data entry, so you’re less likely to gather all information correctly because of the back-and-forth that requires. Transferring data between different systems can lead to corruption, missing data-sets, and dozens of other problems. These issues are only compounded if manual data inputs must be used –even employees who are very careful will still regularly make errors while inputting data into your systems.

The general idea with Surfe is to integrate deeply with LinkedIn and to make the service look and feel like a LinkedIn product. This also means that its users don’t feel like they are constantly switching context as they move between their different productivity applications. We made an implementation simple and easy-to-use, no further interface. And in everything we do, we always want to keep this simplicity in mind.

David Chevalier, CEO at Surfe

Surfe embeds notes and key contact-information from your CRM in each individual LinkedIn profile. This allows sales staff to get access to information about previous sales engagement or customer support issues, which can help them sell more effectively.

We do not only halve our logging time; we also have full visibility into the team’s outreach and activity. I message someone through LinkedIn, and the message is automatically synced with 1-click. I then go to the prospect’s LinkedIn profile and manually log a note or activity about that outreach. So every message that gets sent is logged in my CRM now and all other sales colleagues can see it.

Luis Gustavo Flores, Senior Sales Development Manager at Movitext

Surfe helps you work smarter instead of harder, and achieve more with fewer resources. Make your entire company an extension of your sales team, include cross-departmental information for more visibility and effective selling while updating a larger number of contacts. Keeping CRM contacts updated is essential to stay relevant to them, keep them reachable and be notified of your client’s professional career evolution. Surfe is well aware of the challenge of keeping thousands of contacts updated. This is why we empower companies with the ability to periodically refresh their CRM with LinkedIn profile data. Manually updating contacts takes hours of work, and companies often simply give up on this task. You shouldn’t. Start your 14-days free trial and see how Surfe can help your sales team become more productive.

To learn more about how Surfe can help your team, book a demo or sign-up for your free, 14-day trial today.