Learn how Ubble uses Surfe’s 1-click contact enrichment feature, saving an equivalent to 3 months of 1 sales representative’s time


We love that Surfe has made data entry painless

Maxime Ferret, Growth

Learn how Ubble uses Surfe’s 1-click contact enrichment feature, saving an equivalent to 3 months of 1 sales representative’s time

Ubble is a leading SAAS publisher specializing in highly secure online identity verification and artificial intelligence.

The company uses facial recognition technology to provide companies with a simple, reliable, secure and privacy-friendly way to identify users, with the added benefit of reducing the chance of online fraud.

Ubble operates completely on digitally based automated processes, which allows for seamless integration, no matter the client’s environment.

Their clients include large firms in the banking, finance, credit, and mobility industries and more, all of which share a common requirement for high levels of security. Clients have been very satisfied with Ubble’s seamless solutions — one mentioned how effective it’s been at detecting fraud, saving the company millions in potential losses.

Ubble has been a Surfe customer since December 2020, and since the relationship started we’ve had numerous conversations about features that could be added to further the partnership. Read more about the conversation we had with Maxime Ferret & Lucile Roudenkoff, members of the growth team at Ubble, to hear some of their insights and how we ultimately found solutions to the challenges they were facing.

Challenge: Professional email is difficult to find; time-consuming to record in the CRM

There are two important roles in Ubble’s sales ecosystem to understand: sales development representatives (SDRs) and growth.

SDRs are responsible for managing relationships with individual clients while growth teams are tasked with large-scale outreach and finding “hacks” to help SDRs become more efficient.

One of the main tasks of growth hackers is to round out a given prospect’s profile in Ubble’s CRM (HubSpot) that they encountered through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

However, there are two main roadblocks these people encounter when attempting to “enrich” a prospect’s profile.

The first is the time it takes to find someone’s (accurate) professional email on the internet. The process is typically fairly rudimentary, with the SDR hacker simply typing the person’s name and company into a search engine such as Google or Bing and seeing what results are yielded.

Even if they can nail down the correct email domain, they could hit a dead end with a generic email like [email protected] or [email protected].

This often leads to an unfortunate situation where sales and marketing outreach isn’t read by the intended receiver or is simply passed over by the company.

The same thing happens with phone numbers. If a growth hacker does find a phone number, it’s likely generic, meaning an SDR who makes a cold call is more likely to get directed to an automated operator system where information isn’t properly passed along — or they’ll just get redirected to a generic email.

The second challenge comes into play when a growth hacker is able to successfully find a specific, accurate email or phone number.

If they are able to do so, they would need to switch tabs, go to the prospect’s profile on the CRM and another accident could occur — human error.

This could be pasting data in the wrong columns or profile– that may lead to email bounce or awkwardness when emails are sent to people they were not intended for originally. Not a good look for a professional sales team.

You may think, aren’t emails easily available on LinkedIn?

In many cases, people have set up their LinkedIn accounts with personal email addresses since they’ve been on the platform since the very beginning of their careers. Sending business related notes to someone’s personal email isn’t only unprofessional, but could also violate General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Some companies skirt around this issue by resorting to buying email data, which in itself could violate GDPR rules, especially if those people didn’t give explicit permission to be contacted.

To learn more about GDPR compliance, see this post.

Solution: Use Surfe’s Dropcontact integration to find emails/phone numbers directly from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and transfer to your CRM in just 1-click

For a while, Ubble’s growth hacker team felt they could find a solution to the problems they ran into over and over again.

They first installed Surfe after learning about the seamless integration of LinkedIn contact information and conversation synchronization with the CRM, which improves their data integrity.

But where Surfe’s utility really shone is with its contact-enrichment feature, which allows a SDR to find accurate email addresses and phone numbers in just 1-click.

Predictably, this has saved both the growth hacker team and SDRs considerable time in finding up-to-date contact information for a given prospect.

Not only can Surfe find email addresses automatically and recognize contacts already in the CRM, but it has helped the sales team at Ubble to come up with enrichment cascades so they can more effectively conduct their account-based marketing strategy.

Companies everywhere love the contact-enrichment feature. Having fully enriched contacts allows a growth marketer to conduct automated marketing — confidently — because they know their outgoing messages will actually reach the intended receivers.

Ubble finds this particularly useful as it allow full independence of the Sales team rather than having to ask to the growth whom deal with prospection in much bigger volumes.

This also has a positive effect on a company’s productivity, as it requires far less time to find accurate contact information for a prospect.

Finally you can even make Surfe automatically enrich your prospect’s contact information by switching on the “Trigger email & phone enrichment automatically” toggle. When this is switched on, every single time you click our magical blue button to transfer the prospect’s information to the CRM, their professional contact would be recorded too!

Other options for integrated contact enrichment

In addition to Dropcontact services at a low cost, Surfe supports other tools like Skrapp, Hunter, Lusha, Kendo, Snov and VoilaNorbert for contact enrichment.

ROI from using Surfe’s contact-enrichment feature

We wanted to find out for ourselves just how long it takes to find accurate contact information online. So, we conducted a survey across all of Ubble’s sales representatives and the entire lead generation team, and even ran an experiment in-house where we attempted to find and verify email addresses.

What did we find? Basically, hunting down this information is no walk in the park. According to our experiment and survey answered by our clients, it takes on average 8.5 minutes to manually find and then verify a correct email address of a prospect.

Using that figure, along with Ubble’s data saying it has successfully enriched 3,600+ contacts since starting to use Surfe, we discovered that Ubble has saved a total of 30,600 minutes, which is equal to 510 hours or roughly three months of a sales rep’s working days! Talk about reclaiming your time!

Moreover, Maxime remarked that using Surfe has saved his team time while inputting information into the CRM, allowing them to add more prospects and ultimately sell more.

And as Ubble can expand its presence, more companies will reap the rewards of their services: avoiding fraud and saving millions of dollars annually in damage fees.

Try Surfe’s enrichment plan today and save your sales team months in a year to find verified contact information for your prospects.

Your free trial will include 5 email-finding credits and you’ll get an additional 10 if you finish our tutorial. And if you sign up after the trial period, receive 600 email credits per month.

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