10 case studies in 10 minutes #2

10 case studies 2
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Veronika Belova
by Veronika Belova

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Catch up on our 10 most recent case studies to learn about how Surfe has impacted the lives of others.

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Surfe’s case studies in terms of ROI

1. DigitalSuits saves 87+ hours of manual work per month and maintains data hygiene.

DigitalSuits builds innovative e-commerce and SaaS solutions to further the growth of digital companies.

DigitalSuits relies on LinkedIn for sourcing clients, but manually transferring data from LinkedIn to Pipedrive was cumbersome and inefficient. Now, the team saves over 87 hours per month that would have been spent on manual data entry, contact enrichment, and CRM updates. This has led to a significant increase in the number of contacts that are being added to the CRM daily.

DigitalSuits also utilizes social selling to appeal to their prospect’s individual needs, but this sales approach requires a high level of personalization that was time consuming and not sustainable in the long-run. Fortunately, Surfe’s messaging templates provide the perfect balance of automation and personalization and have been used over 4,000+ times by the DigitalSuits team.

Thanks to Surfe, DigitalSuits never has to worry about data hygiene or accuracy because stale contacts are automatically updated regularly.

2. BusinessFirst saves 15+ hours per sales rep, per month and maintains 100% data accuracy.

BusinessFirst curates strategic networks of business professionals across various industries. The goal is to provide members with highly qualified leads and resources to help them sell better through non-competitive alliances.

BusinessFirst had difficulty identifying LinkedIn members that already existed in Salesforce, oftentimes leading to double contacts by the sales team. Because Surfe distinguishes between LinkedIn users that have already been added to the CRM with a purple highlight, the tool eliminates confusion and helps the team keep Salesforce data accurate.

The BusinessFirst team also relied on Salesforce to refresh their memories about LinkedIn prospects which was time consuming and risky in the case that something was left out or entered incorrectly. With Surfe’s two-way data synchronization, BusinessFirst reps can now access Salesforce data from LinkedIn and vice versa – saving BDRs upwards of 15 hours per month.

3. Jobgether saves 3 hours per day and adds 2.5x more leads to HubSpot.

Jobgether seeks to revolutionize the recruitment process by connecting employers with qualified candidates and automating time-consuming, administrative tasks.

Jobgether uses a volume based approach that prioritizes bringing in as many leads as possible, meaning there is no time to lose on data input. Fortunately, Surfe’s two-way data synchronization has helped Jobgether add 2.5x as many leads to HubSpot and invest those extra 3 hours per day towards pursuing leads and closing deals.

Jobgether also relied heavily on automation and was looking for a solution to build authentic relationships in a time efficient manner. Surfe’s messaging templates have helped Jobgether minimize the time spent on outreach while retaining a human-to-human touch.

Immediately, the team saw their response rates skyrocket and could easily keep track of these interactions with Surfe’s LinkedIn profile status labels and HubSpot synchronization.

4. Shipup saves 9.5+ hours per month, per BDR and has seen a significant increase in productivity.

Shipup encourages buyer retention and loyalty by optimizing the consumer journey and creating a seamless experience for e-commerce customers.

Shipup uses Sales Navigator for prospecting and found that BDRs were losing time when confirming whether prospects already existed in HubSpot. On some occasions, duplicates would be made which was hampering their output and efficiency as a team. Thanks to Surfe’s two-way data synchronization between Sales Navigator and HubSpot, they can easily prospect and update the CRM without switching platforms.

Now, Shipup has rolled out Surfe to the majority of the sales team, saving BDRs 9.5+ hours per month and helping them retain momentum while working.

5. FrenchFounders saves 33 hours per month and works more efficiently as a team.

FrenchFounders connects business professionals through an online community that gives members the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and leverage each other’s resources.

FrenchFounders noticed an apparent gap between Sales Navigator and Salesforce which is what initially led them to Surfe. They tend to target prospects with diverse personas, but to do so, they were utilizing multiple tools which quickly became cumbersome and time consuming. To reduce the load of manual work, FrenchFounders adopted Surfe as a solution for discovering leads, enriching prospects, and bridging the gap between Salesforce and LinkedIn.

Surfe has not only boosted confidence and productivity within the team, but it has also helped them add over 10,400+ leads to Salesforce and view over 1300+ company profiles on Sales Navigator.

FrenchFounders also lost time switching back and forth between Salesforce and Sales Navigator to identify whether prospects already existed in the CRM. Now, the team relies on Surfe’s magic purple highlight to identify clients and leads that have already been added to Salesforce, saving them an average of 33 hours per month.

6. Klox saves 136 hours per month and has eliminated duplicate sales activities.

Klox is an “advertising agency as a service” and strives to elevate clients’ digital marketing journeys.

The Klox team relies heavily on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for prospecting, but noticed that their lead lists were not quite matching up with their ideal customer profiles. This led to an increase in the number of manual tasks that had to be performed on top of day to day activities, creating a bottleneck in their workflow.

Thanks to Surfe’s “all-in-one” solution, Klox no longer has to switch back and forth between their prospecting tools and HubSpot, saving the team upwards of 136 hours per month.

Klox’s workflow was also hampered by CRM duplicates which made it impossible for team members to collaborate efficiently. Now that they can easily track existing prospects in HubSpot as well as their corresponding deal statuses without switching interfaces, sales reps save about 12 hours per month and have already enriched and added over 4700+ leads to HubSpot.

7. MoovingON saves 118+ hours per month and has improved operational clarity.

MoovingON empowers SaaS companies by introducing solutions for cloud availability and technical backups. This allows engineers to dedicate more time towards product development and growth.

MoovingON utilizes LinkedIn for customer acquisition, but the team noticed that they were wasting too much time transferring LinkedIn conversations to Pipedrive. After implementing Surfe, MoovingON was pleased to discover how efficiently the tool eliminated tasks that were previously done manually with zero error. 

Now that MoovingON can create deals directly from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and easily detect contacts that already exist in Pipedrive, the team saves over 118+ hours every month.

8. Sastrify saves 137+ hours per month on manual data entry and has eliminated LinkedIn related tasks for sales reps.

Sastrify eliminates the burden of SaaS management by negotiating contracts with vendors and providing licensing recommendations to optimize SaaS spending for companies.

Sastrify uses a number of contact enrichment tools and noticed that it was inefficient to constantly switch back and forth, enrich prospects manually, then copy and paste this information from LinkedIn to HubSpot.

With Surfe, Sastrify can now use Lusha, Skrapp, and Hunter.io to maintain momentum while prospecting on LinkedIn in addition to Dropcontact which is built internally. The team has already added over 3750+ leads to HubSpot and enriched over 2860+ contacts on LinkedIn using Surfe.

Sastrify also used to create tasks for sales reps in HubSpot, but now that everything can be done on LinkedIn, the team has seen huge results reflected in their productivity. Sales reps can now target many personas with very little manual work thanks to Surfe’s messaging templates and two-way data synchronization. This saves the team over 137+ hours every month.

9. PlayPlay allocates more time to conversations with prospects and has optimized their workflow.

PlayPlay encourages clients to channel their inner creativity by providing video templates for professional, branded content creation.

PlayPlay uses various CRMs which made it difficult to coordinate and standardize information across teams. To maintain data hygiene, BDRs were required to transfer data by hand which took away from the time that could have been invested into building relationships and closing deals.

After implementing Surfe to handle the tasks that were previously done manually such as enriching contacts, transferring contacts from Sales Navigator to the CRM, synchronizing messages and other LinkedIn interactions, and updating stale data in the CRM, they saw a significant increase in number and quality of relationships with prospects.

They have also eliminated duplicate CRM entries which allows the team to work with more clarity and peace of mind.

10. Spendesk saves 2.5 hours per week, per BDR and maintains 100% data accuracy.

Spendesk takes the hassle out of company spending by decentralizing financial processes. Through an online platform, users can easily make financial requests and approvals, access invoices, receive reimbursements, and much more.

Spendesk was previously using an in-house tool to view existing LinkedIn contacts in Salesforce, but it was not scalable which created a bottleneck in terms of growth for the team. Fortunately, Surfe builds the missing bridge between Salesforce and LinkedIn and has eliminated both manual processes and human error for Spendesk. BDRs now save an average of 2.5 hours per week which is reallocated towards targeting new prospects.

Spendesk has already added over 10,500+ leads to Salesforce with Surfe and reported a significant boost in confidence and workflow efficiency. The best part? Surfe is scalable and can be easily configured without a designated specialist – not to mention the lightning quick onboarding process!